USA Culture Change We Can Hope In – The Unborn are Responsible

The USA Federal government is borrowing .39 of every dollar it spends.

Lets examine this question.  Do the American people who support his policy have eyes that can see or ears that can hear?

Oh yea – this President and his Democratic Party want to spend yet even more!

At least he acknowledges someone has to pay for the debt he and his party with an assist from republicans have are creating at an unprecedented rate.

His answer is “lets be fair”.  So let’s examine that logic!  – 50% pay nothing – yes nothing – and many demand the rich pay much more.  So he wants to tax the rich – scarily that includes those who make $250,000 & less – the engine of job creators.

Lets see if our brain works and we can side step emotions for a moment?  If the rich are taxed more the nation will borrows only .37 on the dollar.  What kind of logic is that?  Don’t forget he also wants to increase spending – so wouldn’t that logic put us back to .39 on the dollar or even more.  What kind of logic is that?

Well it’s not logic – it’s about something else and not in the best interest of the people.  And it depends upon and based on emotions that over ride logic of those who are unable or unwilling to use logic or are simply self centered!  Take care of me and the heck with the future generations they will just have to fend for themselves.

The People of the Land of the Free and the Brave have Decided

Let’s Hold Children, Grand Children and even the Unborn Responsible

Those who support he president are using the following justification – their children, grand children and the unborn are to be held responsible for this fairness of debt!

Disregard our founding principle of no taxation without representation – they have no voice nor a clue they are being saddled with this enormous debt.  Apparently this is not a problem to the supposed grown ups because for these youngsters that WILL JUST BE THE WAY IT IS WHEN they GET OLD ENOUGH TO FIGURE OUT they have been taken to the cleaners and may well lose the founding values and principles that made this nation a light unto the world.

To be continued ……….

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