New Beginnings

Hey to Lily and Molly!  July 2023, beginning of new adventures.  Junior in College, my how time flies.  Graduation from High School with dreams of new adventures in College and the world.

What am I going to be when I grow up?  Whom am I?

Was asking my self that question over 60 years ago.  Never dreamed I would do the things I have.  Never dreamed one day I would program computers in the Nations busiest Air Traffic Facilities.  Never dreamed I would make changes to the software program “on the fly” (real time).  Nervous and jerky was I!  I knew it wouldn’t take long for the computer to give me the answer out if my changes worked.

Dreams — Today, Tomorrow, and Unexpected:

So it is today in 2023, I wonder what will unfold in the world of your dreams are wrapped up?  I wonder if I will ever even find out what your dreams are?  I wonder if you are able to see and articulate the “Spiritual War” that is raging and unfolding as I write this post?

Barriers Unseen – the Nature of Humanity:

Hidden within human nature barriers exist!  Stumbling blocks await!  Wounds and hurts accumulated especially as a child unaware.  Have not heard a word from your mother since 2006 or so.  Intense is my description!  Kinda like being fully awake and alert and one enters the code into a computer with fingers crossed all the while trusting in a gift one was born with yet having no idea until later in life!

Forgiveness – Really – Is it Possible?:

The real test of growing up and becoming mature!  When one reaches 50 years a testimony has been clearly articulated.  Multiple phone calls and trips speaking without using words – one who pursues even when rejected “Forgives”.  Not so easy to understand or accept!

Hope One Day to Hear your Voices:

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