Evil Hides in Darkness and Seeks to Surround

Darkness slowly creep-ed up upon me and wrapped it’s arms around me and began pressing in from every angle as it long sought to squeeze the light from my soul. Evil and sin are spreading their wings across the land to test the soul of a nation.

The lord gave me a gift I could have not received except by walking through the valley of darkness hidden in the bowels of human passions. A gift I never asked for , prayed for, dreamed of or sought. I was sent to stand as a witness to the self destruction humanity unwittingly set free. The”HIV” crises of the late 1980’s and 90 is alive and as well today as then. I was sent into prison to encounter the anger of young un-churched men who could not articulate the reason for their anger. Could it be the love of a father for his son? Does anyone see what I see in the darkness that seeks to blind me? Anger permeates the air!

Why I cry out?!? And a whimper of a voice thought unheard speaks To the soul of man. We live in this modern society of where humans are routinely thrown away just like things. The darkness has managed to turn a mother’s womb into a battleground where death is more and more often the victor. The unborn are throw away humans and worse. The unborn are for the Rick nothing more than pieces parts. The soul is tossed into the darkness and every human that survives eventually sees what takes place in the darkness. Life is no longer a right or sacred! Where is my father and mother asks every child? The question is planted in the soul of every human creature. But darkness seeks to extinguish the question that seeks to find the light of truth. The father has no voice says the law. We have rendered him tossed out. Of the two it takes to make one – the father does not exist. Just ask almost any young inmate if he knows his father?

I look all about the land for a leader with the courage to speak with eyes undefeated by the darkness. Is there anyone I wonder with an ember of fire in the furnace of the soul who has been prepared for this day and this battle as humanity seeks to replace God with himself?Man must render himself deaf and blind to the cries of men being tossed about in the wind of selfish pleasure which seeks to make them unaware of the darkness closing in!

How deep into the darkness must I pass before the promised one wraps his arms around me and tells me – son a long time ago I paid the price for every man and opened the doorway that passes from darkness to the light?

Thank god for the blessings of all those human creatures who walk with us through the darkness, especially children who depend upon our ability to see through the darkness and those who help us find the light!

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