Social Justice and the Common Good

What is the common good?  Does it favor the rich or the poor?  Or is it about providing each citizen the freedom and opportunity to choose to use their god given talents to the fullest?  God gave each of us complete freedom to choose.  He also told us we would gain the rewards and/or the suffer the consequences of our free choices.

Do we humans know better than God?  Is it the governments job to chose who succeeds or fails?  Or is it the governments job to create an environment where each person has an opportunity to succeed or fail and gain from the experience?

Charity and Justice are the twin children that reveal the truth!  But what is charity and justice?  Further through whose eyes are we looking at these abstract human concepts?

Seems that many think it is the federal governments job to control the people so that the so called redistributive nature of Christianity can be applied.  And what the heck is political redistributive social justice of Christianity?

“The Common Good is achieved by Balancing Corruption”

Our founding fathers had great wisdom and divine providence lead them.  We see this  clearly in come into play when this nation was founded upon Christian Judeo principles which recognize the corruptibility of human nature as documented throughout Holy Scripture.  This nations system of government was designed to balance human natures ancient desire to gain power which historically lead to to corruption of the Truth.  Our founding fathers were open to the spirit of truth which lead to discern wisdom from the study of scripture and and history.

Our founding fathers were drawn into the study of history which resulted in as  clear a grasp of history as any people who desired to form a government which would best enable the people to govern themselves.  They knew both the church and the state where susceptable to being corrupted when their power was combined which lead to absolute and complete authority .  So they forbade the federal government from forming a religion.  Hence they empowered the voices of the people to confront corruption from either the church or the state.   It was the principle of truth which comes from a creator and not humanity itself.

It is the people who serve as the last resort to balance power.  They have been delegated the right and duty to take action to balance power when it gets out of control of the people.

Now those who advocate the relinquishment of their individual responsibility to a federal government which repeatedly demonstrates a propensity to make decisions based upon a human concept of political correctness which  serves as an affront to the truth must bury their heads in the sand to the reality the federal government lusts for power and control over the people.

Charity calls one to confront the truth and recognize the imperfection that lives and breaths in our political system and in the hearts of humans.  Seeking truth through charity requires courage.  We don’t have to look beyond the life of Jesus Christ himself who confronted the religious and civil powers of His day for which he was crucified.

Simply put, the truth has the potential to piss off the leaders of the church and the state who cling and lust for power and control over the people!  Every nation and every church has fallen to this corruption of the soul.  Better one man die than for the truth to prevail!

It has been and will always be the job of the people to call those in authority back to the truth while realizing such action could well cost them their life!  We call these folks saints.  And out nation is in desperate need of saints to call the government and even the church to the truth.

Christ taught and the church teaches the whole of scripture must be considered when discerning the truth.

Those who support redistributive wealth should be careful not to violate the parable of talents as is written in the Gospel of Matthew 25: 14-30.  Seems that the good Lord’s plan  rewarded those who worked to use their talents.  The two who used their talents were rewarded with a doubling of talents.  The one who buried his talent had it taken away.

This is the Lord’s justice and charity and I believe summarizes the concept of “the pursuit of happiness” referred to in the Declaration of Independence.

Seems this scenario is being played out in our nation today.  Is the federal government encouraging the corruption of it’s people to use their talents by sitting at home and living off those who choose to work everyday?  Is the federal government using redistribution to purchase power and control over the people by buying votes?  This is a legitimate question we are confronted with today.  It is a question that requires courage to seek the truth buried in charity, social justice and the truth!

Is the commo9n good is being sacrificed to create class warfare.  Is this nation demonizing the “Little Red Hen”.  Everyone wants to eat her cake but how many are willing to work to help?  The rich (those who use their talents) are condemned seemingly without regard to the sacrifices they make their freedom of choice in regard to the dignity of the human person to chose to be charitable is denied by a political correct power often more interested in obtaining power than doing what is in the best interest or common good for the whole people.

The corruption our founding fathers feared has invaded our land could well lead this nation to worship at the altar of a humanistic progressive god that can not save while leading it’s people into bondage and slavery this people can not imagine.  The langauge of faith and salvation is being used to justify lust for human power and control.

The founding fathers knew, this nation must protect the freedom of religion so that it’s people would have a voice independent of the government to confront the ever present corruptible human nature they knew would surely attack the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

The rights of the people come from a higher authority than the federal government.  The first among these is life.  When life is no longer held sacred by the people of this nation none of the rights that follow are sacred.

The polarization that impedes the common good within this nation, is driven by the war between the human secular progressive god and the one true god.  It is an ancient war to determine who is your god?  One could say it is a continuation of the war between good and evil that took place in the Garden of Eden.

Polarization will not cease until the sacredness of life is restored in this nation because we return to believe Almighty God is the one and only Creator of Life.

More to come …

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