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Care for the Earth — A Garden:

When I was a kid growing up in northern Indiana, all of my aunts and uncles had a small garden in their yard. Yes, even in depths of winter they figured out how to grow some crops. As a kid, I remember going to one of my uncle’s houses where there was a foot of snow on the ground. I still remember how they constructed the garden above ground held together with wooden beams and covered with what looked to me as an old window that covered the top.

Have you ever sat in a car on a sunny day with windows closed and doors shut?  Did it warm up inside the car? The Sun works – the Son works! It can save life that is threatened by cold and surround it with sufficient warmth life can be sustained and even grow!

We live in a new Modern day where people have been largely disconnected from nature and God! Climate Change is the chant! Amazing how MODERN Man can turn TRUTH Upside DOWN!  Heck, Climate Change is exactly God’s Design from the Beginning! Man’s challenge is to figure out how to cooperate with mother nature (God’s Design) and use what can be obvious – right in front of the noses of man. Yet perplex and real as it is – Modern man thinks self is smarter!  Open your eyes, ears, and spirit says the Lord! Be observant! Pay attention to God’s design – it offers the potential for new life in the midst of many traveling down the wrong path!

Lord Have Mercy!! There really is hope for humanity – if only – if only – if only!!!!

Cars Can Fly: Life Hanging in Balance Stop Help

Exodus 17: 8-13 In those days, Amalek came and waged war against Israel. Moses had climbed to the top of the hill with Aaron and Hur. As long as Moses kept his hands raised up, Israel had the better of the fight, but when he let his hands rest, Amalek had the better of the fight. Moses’hands, however, grew tired

I met a man in Home Depot who said have we met before? At an accident. Yes I was at an accident two years ago.

I was driving up a hill when a car coming the opposite direction went airborne perfectly vertical, came back to earth hitting the ground with the rear bumper nose pointed perfectly straight up. Due to the speed the car was traveling it then flipped three times as it crossed the road in front of me into a yard. I knew instantly the driver was in real trouble. I pulled to the side, got out, ran to the vehicle and tried to open the door. It would not open – probably jammed.

Another person ran to the other side and was able to open the river side door. I hurried around to help. It was this man, a retired fir fighter. He knew what we needed to do! The driver was a young woman and she was not breathing. We needed to move her so her breathing passageway would open. He climbed to her side of the car where he was able to have a little leverage to to lift her body so she could be moved. I held her head, in case her neck was injured and so her breathing would not be restricted. Another person climbed into the back seat and together we gradually moved her so her head and shoulders rested on the driver seat. Still she was not breathing.

I did the only thing I knew how. Our Father who art in Heaven, a gurgling sound came from her throat as some blood leaked out. Finally, at least she was breathing very irregularly. I was knelling on the ground and holding her head as the breathing became more and more regular. The fireman called for help and recognized she needed a life flight to a hospital that could handle her injuries.

Soon my arms began to become weary as the position I was in as well as the stress of moving her while managing to keep her head stable was beginning to take a tole.

And then a policeman wanted to arrest the man who saved this woman’s life because he left his vehicle in the road! Which come first? Life or Authority?

The New Golden Idol with All the Answers – Can’t Live without:

Taught teen age class two weeks ago Sunday! 1st Reading Exodus – Moses on the mountain getting the Ten Commandments and the Lord said – your people have become depraved – they were worshiping a golden idol! So I had the teens get out their cell phones, we all sat on the floor and held our phones just like you see every where! A praying posture with total focus on a non living thing – Oh Lord my god – you have all the answers, keep me entertained and consume my being, I am totally dependent upon you Oh my cell phone! I can not live without you – you are my world!

Well? Anyone awake? The new golden idol has control of our children! Anyone know where to find the Ten Commandments? Oh yea – the government outlawed them! Good and evil exist in the same place! Where oh where are we to look for the salvation of modern man?

What was that 1st Commandment again?

Nature – Teacher – Teenagers

Sitting uphill from my Lake – evening 7:15 PM sun shining somewhere behind me – you know the sun is always shinning somewhere! All we have to do is believe! So today I was with teenagers who had all kinds of questions about free Will, determinism, heaven and hell! It’s getting worse folks – the War no one talks about! Yes what we need is sixteen year olds giving us old folks hell – well they have the internet and other bright young friends! Anyone awake? We are losing the battle to teach conscience, sin, consequences, rationalization, and perhaps as importance observation – nature works without man’s help – the sun comes up every day without man’s help! Beauty surrounds us – yes even the treasure each teenager is! This picture is an expression of – Pure beauty – if only we take the moment to let it soak in! Yep God loves you just like you are and least I forget God planted a gift within to give away! So what do you say – let’s teach a teenager the beauty that surrounds!

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Prison Bars – World in Chaos — Reaching beyond the Bars

Went to prison today – oh so hot- and – wheres the rain — ready for fall! Got there and sitting waiting patiently for some one to show up – the count is on – no one can come until the count is done! I lay my head in my arms on the table waiting! I go sound asleep! About 20 minutes later I wake up and wonder where am I? Can you believe it – behind bars and asleep. Something about being cradled in the arms of one who loves you! Can you pass that – like your own home?

So one might wonder why the nap of peace? Well the 1st inmate shows. We talk about me sleeping and what’s going on in the world where chaos reins! How anger in the world manifests wounds buried deep in ones soul that can not rest it’s head on a table! How to heal wounds unseen? So he tells me he has one. He talks to his wife every week and she talks about suicide due to the stress generated from the stress of inheriting the head of the family from many many relatives! Wounds hiding behind behavior unfriendly – stress! She has taken the role of head of family – what to do – what to do hiding the unspoken where are you!

The unspoken question – what can I do from prison? The 1st reading Sunday is a cry – how long Oh Lord must I endure this trial – have you abandoned and forgotten me Oh Lord! I am with you always and everywhere – trust in my promise and rest in my arms!

How do we do that? Every time you talk to your wife, pray with her – speak the words of distress, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration and hope overextended! Then thank the Lord for the gift of a willing spirit standing in the midst of chaos, anger, woundedness and ebbing hope with the knowledge that grace comes out of the light darkness seeks to extinguish! Though you can not be where she is when the crises comes your joining prayer reveals and makes present a spirit of unity sealed with blessings one never stands alone when darkness seeks to extinguish the light!

Consistency of prayer provide the building blocks to endure the trials and begin to penetrate the barriers carefully constructed and wrapped around the wounds unseen. Yes – we are one, yes I am with you, yes we will overcome, yes we are never alone, yes we are hope where Hope appears spent, yes I love you, am proud of you and know you are stretching to fill a void for which forgiveness holds the key that opens the door to healing wounds unseen and embracing the healing power hidden in tears joined together to form an unexpected living waters to quench the thirst of voyagers through a lifeless desert! We are one in spirit and life!

Awesome – Word for God!

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome a word used again and again by young people for everything!!!! Do they know it is a word that should be reserved for God and spirit of God. Does anyone think the Devil knows it’s a word reserved for God? Humm would the Devil seek to temp people into elevating themselves to conclude without thinking they indeed can do the things of God. I can re-create myself and be what ever I want to be! I can define myself and I have no limitations.

Happiness is found the world says – all I have to do is redefine myself!

Anyone suppose this thinking process could be used to defeat God’s design and prevent humans from ever finding happiness?

Pretty sure God gave us who we are and didn’t make a mistake! Seems that I found happiness was hidden while I was being created in my mothers womb. Our birthday is the day we began the journey to discover the plan God designed for us before we were born! Could it be be part of God’s plan parents, a mom and dad might be designed to help young people find truth in the places the world doesn’t want them to look!

Oops!!! How did I get here? Socialism isn’t Self governance. Self-governance can only work when people recognize there is a higher design, law and moral authority than themselves which possesses the only spiritual power for people to find themselves and unite as a people. Whereas Socialism must seek to destroy and replace that higher authority.

Forgive me for the sermon – but self actualization is man’s word to explain God’s design as man seeks to describe the place where happiness is found. A place when one begins to use every God given gift and talent! That’s exactly what a real leader wants to help achieve in every human being! As for me –> Yes – we hold these words to be self evident!

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire! Well actually this is a prescribed burn and what it looks like. Use fire to extinguish fire. The dead wood and brush of the earth are converted to ash! Catholics should know except maybe they haven’t figured out ash contains nutrients that serve as fertilizer for new life!! Kinda like confession to rid the soul of death in exchange for the essential grace that sustains the rebirth of new life! I am gonna smell like smoke when I get home! Thank God I have a laundry woman! Don’t step a foot in this house until you Give me them clothes!!!

HIV / AIDS / Prison / Orphan = Cries from the Soul:

There was a man who grew old only to discover the God he trusted and the church he dedicated himself had turned him into an orphan. Funny, I know, an old man becoming an orphan? Gosh, the good Lord sure finds strange ways to teach lessons!
Well, when one grows old you would think they would have things figured out! So how come this old man studied Theology of the Body – St. John Paul’s teaching about marriage! The old man was way way past prime time for making babies! We are supposed to know male and female were created to become one flesh and such – the source of new life = a child! The old man wouldn’t trade anything for that privilege! Heck, the old man’s old man told him when he was a young man – if God created anything better He kept it for himself! Did my dad tell me that? Yep!
Now, in God’s design every man has an instinct to protect and care for his family! Wanna find my fighting side attack my wife and kids! It’s the nature and design of a father.
Hmmmm! One flesh! God’s design! So what do you suppose might happen when God’s design for a Father is outlawed? What happens to the one flesh when the father’s design is over ridden and the father In the creation of new life is declared nonexistent. The father has been effectively murdered and the concept of one flesh over ridden by man! Ever wonder what has happened to so many men in the world today?
The old man walked through the bowels of Atlanta in his mid life and wondered why? HIV/Aids and God made me this way! The real threat of death brings out great thirst for answers! But man’s cocktail silenced the questioner!
The old man was a slow learner! So God sent an old man to prison to discover the design of father had been radically removed much like an abortion destroy’s a child. So many Young men full of anger and rage bouncing off walls crying out that something was amiss and having little idea how to articulate the outrage emerging from the cries and no one seems to hear!
How to speak truth to a world in a race pursuing me happiness without a clue where happiness is hidden in the first place! Everybody is happy right? No suicide among the young right? An orphan by nature begins the journey seeking to find the unknown something that lies securely hidden from the me emotions of the moment!
When the orphan finally surrenders to the spirit of one called Father, the designer of nature, one begins to become an orphan on a journey toward home though a soul can seldom see the purpose of the steps taken long long ago or now!
An orphan you see has a hole in his soul and forever longs to fill that hole! The question is what will the orphan choose to fill the hole —> ME?
Every child Long’s for the unity and completeness of the one flesh – three in one! Mom and dad and who?
There was this other man, stripped of every earthly thing, abandoned by all his best friends forever, rejected by those called to be his church, lead to a place of abandonment, cursed, spit upon, crushed with weight, whipped, humiliated with a crown, given sour wine as his body cried out in thirst all because he spoke the truth on how to fill the hole!
But he didn’t stop – He sent the spirit who calls – come follow me, I know the way to the Father who created the one flesh gift you Are in yours mothers womb! No mistake was made in the beginning before the journey began! What lies ahead is finding the key to the doorway hidden within drawing one to search to find the creator of all!

8.6 Oz Baby Talks defeats Roe vs Wade:

Baby 8.6 oz. 23 weeks old testifies to the truth without speaking! Now just who is that strong brave one who seeks to pound the nail into the truth that baby spoke. A baby by God’s design grasping for life and chance to discover God’s hidden promises of life more abundant! A baby in the State of California to boot, where humanity is most focused on power and control as they seek to silence the voice of God’s design! Wow – has that baby stepped on forbidden toes!

Folks we have a war raging against God’s design and life itself!

The people who chose to drive the nail of death are threatened by the truth, human stinky pride, a stiff neck and hard heart and the baby exposed human sin so all could see and smell!

I wanna play god was the original sin and plages humans today! Forgive them Father they know not what they do! Wow – now that’s love and hides the secret of where true love and truth is hidden from a world of empty promises full of self glory! We can’t hide from the truth reveled in that kinda love!

Every human deserves dignity and desires truth even while in the midst of being addicted and enslaved to sin and threatened with death if we speak the words of truth and love. Every soul whimpers and cries in the darkness as it seeks in so many unique ways to find the path that leads to truth and love where human eyes can seldom see!

The cost of finding truth and love is high! Some will launch spears and some arrows and some will find a curtain to hide behind!

FB hides behind a curtain so no one can see!

D-Day 2019 and Real Men:

Tomorrow is D-Day! It is making me reflect on our modern day intellectual psychiatrist, therapist, councilors – you know the professional folks especially those who specialize in emotions – have any idea what kind of man was needed to win the day in WWII?

Are you ready? Can I speak clearly? People who call themselves Professions are working hard to redefine what masculinity and a real man is! We have high level so called educators who are working with young boys to help them escape gender roles at an early age. Is that what was needed? Men with gender model issues is that what we need?

These modern day intellectual folks are real nuts and disconnected form God and nature!

Masculinity is natural – and all boys and girls need to find it in good roles models – we call them Fathers and mothers! They are the first and the very best teachers of boys and girls – not some turkey sitting in brain farting institution. Is that clear?

Have any of these nuts have been to a prison? What do most of the young men inmates generally have in common? What are they most angry about? Who in my father – the one who is supposed to live me and teach me? Why don’t I ever see him. And how come my mother lets me do what I want? Even these kids know discipline is love and they are mad as hell they didn’t get it! Sadly they have no idea how to tell us this!

Holy Smokes – there is one who gave us a model boys and girls both need – we call them parents who take responsibility for their children. Oops I mentioned responsibility – doesn’t play well for modern day experts. But far worse I made reference to scripture and God. Why everyone knows modern man has replaced God with self!

Just so you know I wanted my sons to encounter real men with authentic masculinity. Protect and defend family and children from nuts! The greatest danger for young boys is those who seek to override God’s design for modern man’s gender identity.

Men and women are not created equal and were never created to be equal. They were created different on purpose so they had the promise of becoming one flesh = a family!

We have self proclaimed expects declaring God’s design as toxic masculinity! Yikes these folks really are nuts! Someone besides me please strip them of any title for they are void of any credibility.

Every male instinctively searches for the father woven into his being in his mothers womb. Sadly some men encounter great difficulty finding the father image in themselves and begin searching for it in other people where it can not be found!

A real man discovers his greatest gift is to not condemn but to offer discipline where true love waits in hiding.

The good Lord sent me to jail to teach me cause I didn’t know where to look for what he wanted me to do. Teach broken men how to search and find the missing father that is hidden and lives within them, so the few who find him can teach more effectively the many being mislead and confused by the modern intellectual world who will surely follow!