8.6 Oz Baby Talks defeats Roe vs Wade:

Baby 8.6 oz. 23 weeks old testifies to the truth without speaking! Now just who is that strong brave one who seeks to pound the nail into the truth that baby spoke. A baby by God’s design grasping for life and chance to discover God’s hidden promises of life more abundant! A baby in the State of California to boot, where humanity is most focused on power and control as they seek to silence the voice of God’s design! Wow – has that baby stepped on forbidden toes!

Folks we have a war raging against God’s design and life itself!

The people who chose to drive the nail of death are threatened by the truth, human stinky pride, a stiff neck and hard heart and the baby exposed human sin so all could see and smell!

I wanna play god was the original sin and plages humans today! Forgive them Father they know not what they do! Wow – now that’s love and hides the secret of where true love and truth is hidden from a world of empty promises full of self glory! We can’t hide from the truth reveled in that kinda love!

Every human deserves dignity and desires truth even while in the midst of being addicted and enslaved to sin and threatened with death if we speak the words of truth and love. Every soul whimpers and cries in the darkness as it seeks in so many unique ways to find the path that leads to truth and love where human eyes can seldom see!

The cost of finding truth and love is high! Some will launch spears and some arrows and some will find a curtain to hide behind!

FB hides behind a curtain so no one can see!

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