D-Day 2019 and Real Men:

Tomorrow is D-Day! It is making me reflect on our modern day intellectual psychiatrist, therapist, councilors – you know the professional folks especially those who specialize in emotions – have any idea what kind of man was needed to win the day in WWII?

Are you ready? Can I speak clearly? People who call themselves Professions are working hard to redefine what masculinity and a real man is! We have high level so called educators who are working with young boys to help them escape gender roles at an early age. Is that what was needed? Men with gender model issues is that what we need?

These modern day intellectual folks are real nuts and disconnected form God and nature!

Masculinity is natural – and all boys and girls need to find it in good roles models – we call them Fathers and mothers! They are the first and the very best teachers of boys and girls – not some turkey sitting in brain farting institution. Is that clear?

Have any of these nuts have been to a prison? What do most of the young men inmates generally have in common? What are they most angry about? Who in my father – the one who is supposed to live me and teach me? Why don’t I ever see him. And how come my mother lets me do what I want? Even these kids know discipline is love and they are mad as hell they didn’t get it! Sadly they have no idea how to tell us this!

Holy Smokes – there is one who gave us a model boys and girls both need – we call them parents who take responsibility for their children. Oops I mentioned responsibility – doesn’t play well for modern day experts. But far worse I made reference to scripture and God. Why everyone knows modern man has replaced God with self!

Just so you know I wanted my sons to encounter real men with authentic masculinity. Protect and defend family and children from nuts! The greatest danger for young boys is those who seek to override God’s design for modern man’s gender identity.

Men and women are not created equal and were never created to be equal. They were created different on purpose so they had the promise of becoming one flesh = a family!

We have self proclaimed expects declaring God’s design as toxic masculinity! Yikes these folks really are nuts! Someone besides me please strip them of any title for they are void of any credibility.

Every male instinctively searches for the father woven into his being in his mothers womb. Sadly some men encounter great difficulty finding the father image in themselves and begin searching for it in other people where it can not be found!

A real man discovers his greatest gift is to not condemn but to offer discipline where true love waits in hiding.

The good Lord sent me to jail to teach me cause I didn’t know where to look for what he wanted me to do. Teach broken men how to search and find the missing father that is hidden and lives within them, so the few who find him can teach more effectively the many being mislead and confused by the modern intellectual world who will surely follow!

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