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Great Great Risk – in the order of the 1st Deacon – Stephen was stoned to death for his Homily.

Spiritual Oxygen Exists in Prison:

Why Oh Why do I Go?

Yesterday, I was wondering why I make the trip to a State prison every week?

Six Locked Gates:

Most would say, it is a ministry, a calling and I was sent!  Been doing this since before 2011.
When I walk into prison I pass through six locked gates. I am more alert as I walk in paying closer attention to those who I walk by noticing things others might not see. Seems I detect the spirit operating in the space.

Standing Alone – Yet Watched – Hope in my Pocket:

Often since the pandemic ended, I find myself standing alone not knowing where I might spend my time there or who might come. Tough I speak little, I have noticed many in mates watch me closely.  In fact I have found a few who look out for me and take action to assist and get me a place to meet. Often I find myself talking with an inmate I do not know and have not meet. I talk to them anyway and always find a way to turn the conversation to the spirit greater than me – my calling. I can do very little myself, yet the one who causes my feet to walk can do much. I know I carry hope in my pocket! And the I know that spirit can do wonders I can not with the spirit of hope.

Every Human has a Father a Male and Mother (female):

Yesterday, was Father’s day. Yep, we all have a Father, male no and’s if’s or but’s. Ans yes, both a physical and a spiritual Father. In the human family (male and female) the only family that has the potential and privilege of procreating children. Yea, Truth under attack by those opposed to the Truth.

Silly me, for thinking those on the attack are most in need of hope in finding their created humanity where the spirit of Hope was implanted at the moment of conception.

Free Will – One must Chose Good versus Evil:

One does not make such trips without beginning to question the most fundamental questions regarding the creation of all living things, especially the human being with the capability to do good and evil. Yes free will! Freedom of choice to give new life or to terminate life.

Good versus Evil:

Every human is endowed with the potential for both! The question is rather, why are we here? To bring the breath of new life where ever we go or – remove spirit sustaining oxygen from the air?

Come to me all you who are thirsty, hungry, weary and heavy laden.

Truth Plants Hope: Hope Opens Locked Gates:

Truth plants Hope, Hope opens the doorway to the birth of spiritual wings to search for new life, the spirit wraps it’s arms and embraces souls searching to find themselves hidden in the mystery of life created in the Beginning! One finds oneself when one gives the spirit hidden within self to others that they too might just find the open door where life sustaining Spiritual oxygen exists! The breath of life itself!

Elephants and Men and Family

Beyond these Stone Walls:  Fr. Gordan MacRae:  Link:

A Post in regard to the Modern World thought provoking reality of human kind’s best effort to solve Natures (God’s design) for the Elephant population:  Hmmm any relationship to Fathers and humanities mass incarceration reality – and just exactly what is the cause?

Any correlation?  Common Thread?

My Comments followed by link to Fr. Gordan Macre’s recent Post.

I have posted similar comments before. As a fact I visit a State prison weekly and have been doing so since before 2011.  I am a deacon and say I was called and sent!  From the very first day visiting prison I encountered a large number of juvenile inmates. The prison I visited has a boot camp program for juvenile young men.  The purpose and objective is to make a positive intervention /  goal to prevent these young men from committing more serious crimes in an effort to help them stay away from a life of crime resulting in long term prison incarceration.

No Sparkle?

As I walked through a room of about 70-80 young men I noticed these young men seemed to be missing something my grand kids had and other kids.  What was missing I usually I encountered with kids their age!  I call it a “sparkle” – kinda like a light that shines through coming from the spirit of the soul!  Could it be a lack of purpose, happiness and joy was missing!

Oh the Questions that poured out of my Soul!

My short trip through these young men in 2011 prompted me to begin asking many older inmates about these kids to me.

Some of the answer did not surprise me!  Missing dads was but a part of the cause!  What took my spiritual breath was the combo as in the beginning!  Not just dad – yes mom plus dad the relationship defined in scripture as the “One Flesh”!  Wow was my reaction – off to the spiritual inquiry races!

Questioning Who?  The Qualified?  Who are they?

Over the next several months my spirit took me on a journey of questioning??  Just exactly is this one flesh spiritual concept? vMom and dad two separate people with distinctively different outlooks based upon many complex human gender God created factors!  Kind like – we all know the difference!  Then what the heck is the “One Flesh” design for husband and wife?

First it is a United spiritual oneness woven together ever so tightly as a single threaded garment that Unites in a special relation of two distinctly different yet merged entities/words that complete the definition of the other – each joining the other thus creating a oneness from two.

What are the Two words that when Married become One?

So what are these two words? Love married to discipline = a spiritual relationship that unites and completes the ideal family!!!

These young juveniles I encountered were commonly described as mad as hell with their mom and dad!  Wow – not just one or the other – but bothWhat was missing in this formula I believe the good Lord sent me to encounter the symptoms of the breakdown of family in the prison I visited weekly! This did not happen over night!

Why why why?  Was my persistent prayer!

A Vision of a Life and Death Battling – A Spiritual War:

In 2011 God gave me a vision as well which took a long time for me to interpret!  This was a vision of the current spiritual war raging in the world against the “One Flesh” design for family!

The male elephant story and scenario demonstrates human kind’s willingness to work around God’s design – what has and is taking place on a world scale with God’s design for both the human family and elephants!  Do we not have the LBGTQ +++ agenda serving as a direct affront and indirect attack against God’s design for the human family?

I suggest we are watching the construction of a New Tower of Babble story!  Is not the LBGTQ  +++ agenda being erected to serve as a new form of government controlled religionIt operates under the radar of many clergyman and politicians!  Few – a relative minuscule number of leaders of various backgrounds speak out!  Are we humans now unable to discern truthModern man’s new trick to redefine Truth which never changes nor will it!  Seems to me we are watching a real time enactment of the story of man and the tree in the garden!

Fr Gordon MacRae’s post in regard to the modern day elephant reality demonstrates humanities lack of ability to put the pieces of God’s design together with any accuracy of anticipating or avoiding the consequences of humanities sinful nature as was communicated originally in the Beginning!

Prison on Friday:

Friday at the prison was another day of being an observant student of the scripture for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.
One inmate prefers the High Mass with all the options recognizing in prison not all the essentials found in a Catholic Church are available. 2nd inmate prefers the low Mass without all the extra trimmings.  3rd inmate would rather I would speak.
Any conflict or differing opinion?  Here is the lesson – hope you can follow?
I am open and willing to listen almost always – a risk at times. Secondly I actually know what the guidance of the the Roman Catholic Mass is! It’s written down in a document acronym = “GIRM”. General Instruction of the Roman Missal. In this guidance there exists a decider-in-chief (my word). this person is an ordained clergyman.

“The one who Presides”

The title used for this person is the one who “presides”. If you will; in order from lowest to highest. A deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal and pope! I seldom encounter the higher orders.
Since I was the only clergyman by default, I am one who presides and decides based upon the options allowed in the GIRM.
So as it happened at first the inmates wanted to express his wishes for the group what is included in our Catholic Communion Service. He suggested we vote! I can’t find a voting rule in the GIRM?
Seems to me the input I was receiving from three inmates did not exactly match up! Could there possibly be conflict? What is the objective or Mass anyway or a Communion Service?

The Word of God and the Eucharist – United:

Seems to me the focus is on the Eucharist! The best source of Spiritual nourishment for the Body of Christ (us)! Should we be united?
Oh and then there were those Readings we are supposed to digest!

The Word of God:

Dt 8:2-3, 14b-16a To be tested by affliction! To find out what our intentions are? hmm?

And then there was the manna! Not by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Did we hear it?
Did we pay attention?
1 Cor 10:16-17 Because the loaf is one, we tough many, are one body! Anyone pick on that? United?
Jn 6:51-58 The Jews quarreled! Can you imagine that? The point of the lesson didn’t strike home with me until after the “Go in Peace”
Peace please: did anyone hear those last words?
The Lesson of human nature leaped into the room!  One lifer to the other! I heard about you and who you are here, not who you present yourself to be and in other prisons as well! What – such trustworthy institutions! Wow! Oh the buttons so well hidden we can push! Second lifer – well I have heard about who you as well!
Holy Smokes – the Body of Christ! I think I heard we are not saints?
I ask did we just a minuet ago say the “Our Father”! Didi I fall asleep?
I think the good Lord gave me a reminder about the human condition and why we have to empty ourselves so there is room enough for the Holy Spirit to enter and begin to change us!
Yes, I will return and I will be praying to the Holy Spirit for the words of life to overcome human natures ability to set original on a shelf where it can lash out into the open and do harm!
Forgive me Father – be my guide, renew my spirit and guide my words as I venture into humanities mess to attempt to overcome man’s original stumbling block sin with your words to heal the wounds and brokenness that surrounds!
When we fall down – get back uphave faith and trust the Holy Spirit really is working! Amen!
One last point! So who thinks they are superior to these inmates? No back biting in our world!
Where did I put that mirror?
Remember if you can! Jesus came for the sinner!

GIRM is the Word:

General Instruction of the Roman Mass (GIRM)

There is this fellow who went to prison to celebrate the “Body and Blood of Christ”!  “Corpus Christi”.  Kinda like “what do you have in mind for me today Lord?

On this day a new lifer inmate arrived.  I have found him to be very knowledgeable of the Catholic Faith.  His spiritual leaning comes through ever so strongly.  Suffice it to say he favors the inclusion of all the options celebrated at what is referred to as a “High Mass”.  Singing – everything option allowed by Mr. GRIM!

Now in the room another lifer inmate who clearly indicates a preference for a simpler celebration – i.e. the “Low Mass”!  Not too much into singing etc.

See any Conflict?

After a long laborious discussion of options a “Communion Service is celebrated since no priest is available.  The readings used for this day can be found in “Feast of Corpus Christi”!

Could be there existed some conflict within the community in the readings.  The inmates proclaimed the First and Second Readings.  My friend  proclaimed the Gospel according to John!

Jesus sought to teach the people about the crushed and broken grains of wheat and the crushed and broken grapes.  Hmmm!  It was the crushing that transformed the wheat and grapes into a mix where the individual parts could not be discerned.   In fact they had been transformed into unity of oneness!  The symbol of dying in one form necessary to make way and enable a rising in a new united spiritual form we call the sacred people of God!  Emphasis is on being united which can only happen when one is willing to forgive as in the “Our Father”.

My friend stood in disbelief when the inmates were sent – these two fellows brought up various reputations that had been heard and spread apparently not just this prison but within the greater state prison system (multiple prisons – the underground word spreads!)  My friend didn’t have a clue in regard to the specific’s of these.

Oh my!!  Imagine we just celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ and the spirit of division struck with surprising speed!  Yes “What do you have in mind for me today Lord it a nerve”!

What’s the Objective of the Liturgy?:

Now what???  A lesson in GRIM is forthcoming!  It is not up for debate and not a vote!  The one who presides is the the decider-in-chief!  Why?  Objective of the Liturgy is to follow the Grace and Spirit of Ordination.  It’s not that people can not or are not allowed to express the options they prefer!  Certainly one who presides will listen with an open ear.

Hidden in the Conflict is the potential Spirit that divides:

The question hidden in the conflict of preferences is “not the individual” but rather the spirit and grace needed to form the unity of the Body of Christ!  This applies to every group of people who seek to become “the Body and Blood of Christ in the world full of the complexities of human preference.  Perhaps better said can each individual person empty themselves – die to self – in order that the grace and unity of spirit of the Body and Blood of Christ can be set sent into the world as each individual travels the road ahead on the journey Home!


Walking Dead:

Funny title!!!  But so true in many ways.  To be specifically something with a title yet to be held at arms length!  Kinda like having “BO” but you don’t know it!  Yikes – I must stink!

An Encounter with the Walking Dead:

Sometimes words just get in the way!  Another funny thing we can speech even more powerfully by what we do.  Made many trips to Newnan, Georgia for example.  Yikes – traveled to the bowels of Atlanta from 1990-2000 during the HIV/AIDS crises sitting among people who thought the disease was a death sentence.  Uncomfortable is the word.  The place one can hear the voice of the soul crying out!  There I encountered people who thought they were the walking dead.

Imagine Jesus Christ the very first Walking Dead and then Jesus calling us to follow!  Yep!  He had but a single requirement – Oh man – pick up your cross and follow me!  A Dead Man – the Living Bread who told us I have life because of the Father.  Do you suppose He came so we might have New Life even when it seems clear we are held at arms length (rejected might be a better word) as though we have some sort of serious disease?

Yes He came to start a fire!  To do this he became human like us!  We can not separate Jesus from His mother Mary!  Yep a woman – no man or male could replace.

Body, Blood, Soul all part of a mixture –> the Divine Plan of Salvation.

Jesus the Lamb!  Do we know what a lamb is?  A young sheep – a prime source to be sacrificed – food for the body — oh and Jesus slaughtered / sacrificed by human with souls!  We bring our own broken nature every where we go!  Where I ask do we take this broken spirit / soul that cries out to be transformed and healed?  To who do we go?

Buried and Hidden Treasure:

Where oh where do we look to find this buried and hidden treasure?  In a cross?  In communion, unity, the Eucharistic Sacrifice!  Come to me all you who hunger and thirst!  Come to me all you who seek healing of Body, mind and soul!

Consider wax is heated until it melts!  Then and only then can it be poured as melted wax and transformed into the Body of Christ!  Yes the Church!

Discernment – wow – a word that requires transformation and understanding.  Attitude, heart, spirit, broken all necessary to enter into communion – one body!

Women – Mother Church

Everything flows through Mary, the human whose “Yes” opened the door for God to enter into human flesh.  Born to walk in this world!  The die in this world!

And Yes to become the first Dead Man Walking and Talking!

I hope and pray – have faith and trust – yes this very Jesus has lead me on a journey of the walking dead!



The Vine and the Vine Grower – 5th Sunday of Easter

5th Sunday of Easter May 7, 2012

I just love when a scripture reading begins with the word Children.  It reminds me that no matter the number of birthdays we are all still children at heart when it comes to faith.  Today’s scripture has a double impact today because this is the 5th Sunday of Easter and the last day of religious education for our children.  Yea summer is almost upon us and we can play!

So children, moved by the spirit of survival and renewed life (speaker had open heart surgery in October) the good Lord gave to me a vine story to tell!  In fact it’s a story you can tell your parents.  Children, let us begin with love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.  Does that mean walk the talk?

This past January I planted two bare root grape vines 2/3 of the way down a hill not far from my lake on the other side of the lake from my cabin.  I choose that location because I could watch it, the hill gets lots of sun and is close to water.

But the good lord gave me more motivation to choose that spot.  The year before, I encountered total failure when I planted on the top of the same hill.  That year the first two vines flourished in the spring because of regular rain.  I was a happy boy until the reality of summer, the selection of the location and the unwillingness of the vine grower to follow through by walking the talk.  Both vines dried up and died.

So did I say we all have a vine grower job to do for our children and grand children?  This summer and who is going to watch over them?  Children today have so many more temptations and risky behaviors bombarding them than I ever had as a child.  When I was a kid we went out to play until dark!  Today kids play on a multiple technology devices and can be absorbed into cyber space and never encounter a real human person.

Back to the vine story.  One could say since the vine grower knew better the vine grower either lacked sufficient awareness or ignored his conscience.   The vine grower’s job is to assure those plants received supplemental water when they were most vulnerable.  One could say I wasn’t receptive to the deeds and needs of the vines for life giving water.

So here I am a little old vine grower.  Well I can’t say I am a success yet, but I did locate the vines near the lake so I can more easily transport water to them.  Recently on alternating days I delivered a cool satisfying drink of water.  I was rewarded with an outburst of beautiful leaves.  Wow, I was so excited I began dreaming of seedless red and green grapes.

Now what is this story about vines – the relationship essential to a healthy vine or the healthy relationship between the trinity and God’s people?

Well mother nature had more to teach this old man.  Last week a day after celebrating the abundance of new growth and leaves I discovered almost all of the leaves had mysteriously disappeared overnight.  The mother nature took the old vine grower out to the reality woodshed and left rabbit tracks to remind the vine grower there are other hungry creatures around.

Could be there are many worldly rabbits out there eagerly waiting to feast upon our green children?  Anyone with me?

In Jesus time, people were far more aware and observant of mother nature and all her works.  The reason is simple, their ability to sustain the viability of the life of their community hung in the balance.

So let’s see if we can see what the people of Jesus time already knew as He spoke.   Jesus was pouring out the spirit of life hidden to most modern day ears.  The deeds of love which net one Eternal salvation hang in the balance of the story.

Jesus said to his disciples: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower.  .  He takes away every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and every one that does he prunes so that it bears more fruit.

The people of Jesus time automatically understood the unseen.  The vine cannot exist without roots.  The roots must be hidden and buried in the earth.  The earth must receive both the warmth of the sun and rain to release the nutrients buried in the earth to create new life in the vine.  Within the vine sap is created which flows throughout the vine and serves as the vehicle to deliver life sustaining water and nutrients to the vine, branches, leaves and fruit to sustain plant growth.

The vine grower is ever observant.  When the vine grower notices braches not producing he prunes them, leaves them to dry and burns them to create nutrients.   The ashes are returned to the earth and serve as fertilizer which encourages more abundant growth of fruit.

Nothing is lost or wasted.  Every person has a purpose which can be used to renew life!  Good results in beautiful fruit and bad serves as fertilizer to grow more fruit!

The world actively seeks to destroy the vine and rip its roots out of the earth.  The world seeks to own our children and our families and only faith stands in its path.

In the 2nd reading from 1 John we hear, how we shall know that we belong to the truth.  The scholars cannot agree of the meaning the word associated with our hearts condemn.

We humans by nature all have that little voice that only we can hear.  I am a sap, a failure, not worthy, not qualified, a sinner, am afraid, shy, or lack courage.  The automatic judging and condemnation of ourselves is swift and often discourages us from reaching out beyond ourselves and taking the human risk to express love in deed!  Many of us judge harshly.  Then there are those who are always innocent – nothing should be condemned and an inability to face truthfulness is a stumbling block.  No matter the reason, our little voice can prevent love from penetrating our hearts!

Our heart is the place within our souls where we make decisions.  It is the place we choose good and/or evil.  It is the place that triggers deeds or hold them bound.

Today’s story offers hope.  From the sap (Jesus the vine & the sap = Holy Spirit) flowing through the vine out to the branches comes hope.  God is greater than our hearts and knows everything.  God can turn our sins and mistakes into food for new life if we ask believing in the name of Jesus Christ.  God’s spirit will penetrate the place where we make our most intimate decisions that flow like life sustaining sap from the heart of Jesus Himself out to the people we meet.

Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence in God and receive from him whatever we ask, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.  Do not be afraid to ask in the name of Jesus.  Believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another just as he commanded us.

The Democrats Definition of Truth > Just Call Me a Terrorist

To Tell a Lie – Say What?  You Calling Me a Terrorist?

This week end Democratic party leadership began calling me and folks like me far right wing terrorists.  Imagine, I have worked with people with HIV and AIDS who were mostly gay.  I promoted black folks to jobs when I had the first opportunity.  Democrats called me homophobic and a racist.

Now they are calling me a far right extremist and worse a terrorist.

Let examine just one element of the Democratic Party Logic.  Are you kidding me – fiction is now the truth — This is the same Democratic administration that calls those who kill (really take ones life) and even behead American Citizens members of overseas man made disasters.  How close is that to your version of the truth?

People who kill are not terrorists but people who disagree with democrats are the terrorist!

Some facts – I am an ordained Catholic Deacon who has never taken any ones life and regularly preaches forgiveness and love of all of God’s people even those unlike us and yes democrats who are willing tell all sorts of untruths cause they want us to believe there is no such thing as a lie!  How gullible do you suppose they think we are?

The Courage of the Democratic Party

Lets see me, one who prays for them, they have the courage to call a terrorist!  Honestly they really know I won’t hurt them that’s why they are so darn brave and courageous.  And they trust the uninformed with believe if they just tell a lie offend enough.

Makes one wonder about the Lame Stream Media – why is it they cannot confront the Truth themselves?  The Mantle of Objective Truth has fled from the Democratic Party and the main (lame) stream media!.

Tell a lie enough times and some folks will begin to believe the lie is the truth.  Tell a lie enough times that touches on jealousy, deep seeded hurt, resentment or distrust and one finds fertile ground and a receptive ear for any lie that appears to punish the perceived offender.

The Truth is the truth no matter how much blockage the human condition thrust in the path of the truth.

Someone greater than any human walking the face of the earth once said, “The Truth will Set You Free”!

Wanna be Free?  Emotions block truth from penetrating ones soul – pray the blockage be removed and the doorway & pathway of the truth will begin to open!

A Battle for Our Soul and the Soul of Our Nation

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s scriptures call us to reflect upon the days of old.  Are we ready to in our time machine and go back in time?  Long long ago, in a time referred to as “in the beginning”, lurked a seductive voice.  This voice was opposed to God and to this very day seeks to make humans fall into a condition of spiritual death out of envy.

We see it all around us when people accept wrong as OK or worse right.  Just because a group of people with an agenda say an untruth is the truth does not make it so and reinforces the subtlety and stealthness of the evil voice.

Scripture and the Church’s Tradition see in this being a fallen angel, we call “Satan” or the “devil”.  It is proper to associate all angles as spiritual beings with wings and many serve as our protectors and messengers of “the good news”.  The description of the Fall of Angles can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church numbers 391-395.

The Church teaches “These angles and other spirits were indeed created naturally good by God”.  All the angles knew their creator and recognized Him immediately.  The fallen angels like we humans were granted free will and became evil by their own choice.  Thus they became known as unclean spirits or demons.

From the beginning the reign of untruth and trouble for humanity began.  We see it in the story of the first woman and man – Adam and Eve in the garden.

Now let us step into our time machine and leap forward in time to the Book of Deuteronomy.  Here we hear the people Israel were waiting in the desert at the foot of Mount Horeb.  They were fearful of the fire and voice of the Lord God almighty that surrounded the mountain as they waited for Moses to come down.  When Moses arrived they begged him to silence the voice of God and extinguish the fire lest they die.  Their request was granted but not without a promise.  We hear Moses promise the Lord God Almighty will one day raise up a prophet from their own kin, and to him you shall listen.   I will put my own words in His mouth and he shall tell them all that I command.  Listen to Him like it is your first and last time to hear his voice.

In today’s gospel we are reminded of the reality of the Fall of the Angles and in a place one might think the voice of the devil would never enter.

So now we have been set up for the message of Marks Gospel.  Which voice are we going to follow?  Both spiritual voices exist and cry out for our attention.

In Mark’s gospel Jesus begins His public ministry which represents a new beginning in time for Him and His message is He has come to establish a new beginning.  On the Sabbath at Capernaum Jesus entered the synagogue and taught.  The people were astonished at His teaching.

Jesus came to earth as the antidote for evil with the power and authority to counter the devil’s spirit and to make possible the creation of a new earth and a new heaven.  Sacred Scripture calls this a mysterious renewal, which will transform humanity as Jesus He creates the opportunity for each of us to be reborn again each and every day.

To drive home this point, Mark places in the synagogue in the midst of the assembly, where we might least expect it, a man with an unclean spirit.  It’s Jesus first day on the job.  “In the beginning” Jesus encounters and confronts the spirit of a demon.  Mark uses this unclean spirit of a demon to demonstrate from the beginning the fallen angel was the first to know God and so knew immediately  who Jesus was!

Jesus came to confront evil and open our eyes to see the doorway and pathway to heaven.  He came to show us He is the power and authority to drive out our demons if only we open ourselves to His spirit.  He came so our ears may be opened so we can hear the sound of His voice.

I don’t have to look far (open heart surgery) to see the good Lord has chosen that I have the opportunity to begin life again with a new heart.  I have no doubt He has chosen to send me to you to deliver His message of Hope.  Twice He decided that I should live!  He sent me to you to speak of the power and authority of the Holy Spirit as symbolized by a dove.

Here is a dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit (lifting up a pure white dove).  Pure white to symbolize the spirit of forgiveness which washes us clean and the spirit of truth that leads one away from the devil and sets us on the path to salvation.

The question the church is asking each of us today is, what demons do we  have that we allow to possess us?  Do we think we can drive out these demon alone or do we believe with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit we can drive out any demon?  Do we believe it is possible for us to be born again like an innocent baby?

Our nation is being fed a constant stream of untruths broadcast from multiple sources in an effort to create an image of truth.

To save ourselves and our nation we must turn back to the voice of the one who created us, the voice of truth who has the power to save us and our nation.

So are we open and ready for the real possibility that our spirit can be reborn and washed clean as white as new fallen snow?  Yes Jesus has the power and authority to raise us up to new life where we can encounter a new earth, a new nation and a new heaven?

Millie and a Small Miracle

A Small Miracle

Wanna hear about a small miracle?  Another sign God exists!  I have been visiting with Millie, a very pleasant soul, who is in a nursing home for more than two years.  Millie has a form of Alzheimer’s.  Every time I would visit with Millie we would celebrate a Catholic communion service.  Before we stated I would always ask her if she knew who I was so I knew if I needed to tell her why I was there.  Her answer was always – “I don’t know – who are you!”

Every time I visited Millie I was born again a brand new man in her world!  Yet  when we began the prayers Millie knew every prayer by heart.

So what about the miracle — well due to my open heart surgery and recovery I did not visit Millie for almost 4 months.  Yesterday after a 4 month absence I asked Millie if she knew who I was?  Millie said sure “your the Deacon”!

Thank you Lord for, Tim Tebow (316) isn’t the only person the Good Lord speaks through to those who have spiritual ears and eyes!

To the Heart of the Matter — Whats Really Important

Early in the morning on October 21, 2011, feeling perfectly fine I entered Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta.  I must be crazy I thought – I am volunteering and freely submitting myself to Open Heart Surgery – to make matters (really better but seemingly crazy) worse I felt good like nothing is wrong – yet instinctively I knew the tests the doctors ran in late September were accurate and true!  I had a serious and deteriorating heart condition known as stenosis of the aortic valve along with an aorta aneurysm.  Doing nothing would mean a slow and almost certain deteriotion of my heart from which it could not recover!

(Stenosis = calcium deposits on the aortic value causing the valves to harden and narrow – thus creating an inability to close resulting in regurgitation – blood flowing backwards in the heart.  The regurgitation causes the aorta artery at the top of the heart to compensate for the narrowing stream and widen into an aneurysm).

On October 21, 2011 life started all over again with a new adventure to be reveled in time!

So I decided to ask each nurse and doctor as I encountered them what they wanted me to pray for while I submitted to their care.  Most had to ask a second time- what are you asking?  Guess not many patients ask nurses and doctors to pray for their intentions since the patients are usually fearful, nervous and jerky themselves.  And they are the ones placing their trust and submitting to the skill and talents of those whose hands their life rests.

Say What? Are you wanting to pray for – for me?

So let me ask – what is it this day that you like me to pray for you?

Being put to sleep was easy – it was waking up reality that creates the passage into the struggle of the life among the living.  The first thing I asked my nurse was – what would like me to pray for for you?  Say that again!  In ICU the first nurse answered “Health”.

The First Great Gift!

The really great gifts are always right in front of our noses – often too close to see with our eyes.  In ICU it was = Ice – “Oh Lord Have Mercy on me” send ice the most wonderful gift from God.  The critical care ICU RN’s could make a fortune selling ice to patients!  The breath of God passed over the waters – the well spring of all life!!!”  Ice is just water with the capacity to revive dry parched flesh.

The breath of God passed through a life sustaining breathing tube.  Unfortunately this tube causes one to suffer with a sore dry throat once removed.  Lord have Mercy!

To Be Continued …………………