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To Tell a Lie – Say What?  You Calling Me a Terrorist?

This week end Democratic party leadership began calling me and folks like me far right wing terrorists.  Imagine, I have worked with people with HIV and AIDS who were mostly gay.  I promoted black folks to jobs when I had the first opportunity.  Democrats called me homophobic and a racist.

Now they are calling me a far right extremist and worse a terrorist.

Let examine just one element of the Democratic Party Logic.  Are you kidding me – fiction is now the truth — This is the same Democratic administration that calls those who kill (really take ones life) and even behead American Citizens members of overseas man made disasters.  How close is that to your version of the truth?

People who kill are not terrorists but people who disagree with democrats are the terrorist!

Some facts – I am an ordained Catholic Deacon who has never taken any ones life and regularly preaches forgiveness and love of all of God’s people even those unlike us and yes democrats who are willing tell all sorts of untruths cause they want us to believe there is no such thing as a lie!  How gullible do you suppose they think we are?

The Courage of the Democratic Party

Lets see me, one who prays for them, they have the courage to call a terrorist!  Honestly they really know I won’t hurt them that’s why they are so darn brave and courageous.  And they trust the uninformed with believe if they just tell a lie offend enough.

Makes one wonder about the Lame Stream Media – why is it they cannot confront the Truth themselves?  The Mantle of Objective Truth has fled from the Democratic Party and the main (lame) stream media!.

Tell a lie enough times and some folks will begin to believe the lie is the truth.  Tell a lie enough times that touches on jealousy, deep seeded hurt, resentment or distrust and one finds fertile ground and a receptive ear for any lie that appears to punish the perceived offender.

The Truth is the truth no matter how much blockage the human condition thrust in the path of the truth.

Someone greater than any human walking the face of the earth once said, “The Truth will Set You Free”!

Wanna be Free?  Emotions block truth from penetrating ones soul – pray the blockage be removed and the doorway & pathway of the truth will begin to open!

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