Temptation – “In the Beginning”:

The Garden, Man, Snake and the Tree:

“In the beginning” where words understood by people in Jesus day! “In the beginning” was the story of God’s creation – the story of man, a garden and a tree! There is this “being” called a snake in the beginning. Yes there were spiritual beings we call angels in the beginning!

Angels / Procreation

Seems when these angels fully understood God’s plan to give procreative power to humans a war broke out in heaven! Envy and jealous leaped out of the pages In the Beginning! The War against God’s design began way back “in the beginning” and rages on into our modern world. Again who really owns that Tree? Knowledge hmmmm!

Fallen Angel / Snake / Jealousy / Envy / Original Sin / Temptation

The Original sin – what was it again? Fer sure the first War (angelic) is still going on? Trickery sits on ones shoulder whispering in ones ear! No such thing as sin today! We can be whatever we want to be – no limits! Truth – Oh yes there was that guy who came to earth and told us he came to testify to the Truth – he used the words in the beginning and the people of his day knew exactly what he was talking about. Envy and jealousy took care of him too! Shut up! Procreation – one flesh – male and female provide the tissue and God provides the spirit – again ponder just how does that one flesh concept thing work? Babies and children? Gifts to be thrown away? Get them while they are in God’s designed place of creation before they escape. Oh shucks some of them survive. Every child has a spirit and it appears the spirit picks up on the conflict when the one flesh concept is MIA.

Created in the Image: / The Spirit within knows:

Can children actually have an uncanny ability to detect and sense what so called intellectual can not!

Man now Contends for Ownership of the Tree:

Man that snake sure can deceive! And we earthly creatures want to call highly educated and sophisticated man – man who now contends man owns the tree – and has declared there is now no sin – we can and should modify boy to girl and girl to boy before puberty (God’s plan) because man is now so smart – yea let’s destroy the gift of procreation for them before God’s plan kicks in = puberty . More for me cause I am the tree! Which voice is modern man listening to?

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