Went to the Dump – Racism:

Went to the dump in Crawford County this week. The man in the truck next to me had a trailer loaded with broken cement blocks and lumber all mixed together. The dump attendant advised him he could not dump the cement material at this dump. So he began to slow process of pulling the old lumber out of the bricks and throwing them into the proper container.

Promise Keepers / Fathers / Men

I recalled attending the Promise Keepers gathering in Atlanta in 1995. It was an event that called men to be men of God and Fathers to their families. Men of all races attended that event in 1995 and it was extraordinary to listen to these men sing. The term Father as no color, rather it is a title for men who lead. I will never forget. Missing in today’s woke culture is the role of a Father to his family with an understanding of how the family was created to be in the beginning.

Family Building Blocks:

It is the building blocks of civilization, society, community and the church. Not much talk about the role of Father or Family in the woke culture. So what does one do? When I dumped my load, I put on my gloves and when over and helped my neighbor pull lumber out of the pile of mixed broken cement blocks and lumber. He told I didn’t have to help. He had all day and wasn’t in a hurry. Yes I herd what he had to say and continued to pull lumber out and throw into the dumpster. Took another 30-40 minutes and we got it done.

He had another trip to another dump to drop off the cement blocks.

So why am I writing? Something struck home in 1995, and I want you to know we as a have lost our way! This is America, brothers and sisters are we. We can all do a little something to demonstrate we are family. Father is being dismissed in our culture today!

Father and Discipline:

Our young people are mad as hell about it. I see it in prison and on television in young people rioting. Where is Dad? What happened to discipline? We no longer have time to discipline or reach out to our neighbor. We have become isolated into our magic technology kingdom – a magnet that disconnects people from each other.

So I did what a Father should do. I did what Promise Keepers taught. This was my brother and I took time to help him with his load. Our so called very recent modern woke folks suggest because I am white I am a racist. That’s just plain BS! The word racism is itself being abused beyond belief rendering it’s definition ambiguous. The attendant at the dump was an old black man, the man with the loaded trailer was a black man and I am white! Not a word of race was spoken. I just helped – simple!

Please I ask, help me show the people of this nation the load of manure that is being propagated by so called pundits with a stealth agenda to divide this red blooded American people are full of ____. No explanation is required – just act like a father / brother / sister / family and lend a hand!

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