2018 – 1981 Whew! 37 years Really!

August 3, 1981. Where were you? 11,000 Air Traffic Controllers went on Strike! PATCO the Union associated with the AFL CIO. They had control of the Trucks and Ships! Now if they could control the Air they would have Power to control a nation.

They did an amazing job of briefing controllers and their families on what would happen during a strike. They so convinced many wives, men I never thought would strike did. They help create one of the meanest spirited times in my career!

They did not realize they were also creating a spirit willing and able to overcome destructive spirits! I can not emphasize enough the value of the lessons I learned from this selfish grab for power! It has prepared me well for this day when propaganda driven powers seek to overcome the spirit that transformed this nation into the greatest the world has encountered to this day.

There are those in this nation that at war with the spirit and culture that created it!  Many  are afraid to speak up against the power of the those who seek to enslave us!

In 1981 we had a leader who was Not afraid to call that power by name! “Evil” exists! “evil” divides! “evil” kills! “Evil” seeks to silence the voice of opposition! “evil” has invaded our nation! “Evil” has even taken hostage some who call themselves Christian and leaders of the church!

Yet in the midst of this battle “evil” will one day be transformed into good lead by the same spirit that created man in the beginning! Flawed sinful humans will answer the cry’s rising from deep within the soul to bring healing to the broken and divided nature of man! Today the unseen breath of God is passing over the wellsprings of new life hidden from those blinded by the power they seek to replace God!

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