Crises – Through my Bed leads a Road to H___! Yet Hope Persists!

The news of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is the latest Roman Catholic story to cause the spirit of my soul to cry for all those whose faith is scattered and some shattered! Who am I and what can I possibly do?

But the voice of the one who loves me whispered in my ear! Remember and give thanks that I am always with you in the midst of any fire and storm! I called you by name and sent you where you didn’t want to go. I was always at your side! To the bowls of Atlanta in the midst of the HIV/AIDS crises where I reveled to you the depths of the valley of fear and the tears of so many fooled by the desires and ways of the world enamored in it’s own self glory!. Yet in the midst of the fire, my love of the unlovable was manifest from the souls of the sinner that you might see!

Now this day as I travel to prison, I will encounter throw away humans whose souls search for the hope of redemption – though many cannot articulate the voice that cry’s out from within. A world that stands by with a hardened heart that cannot see the sin that hides itself in the trenches of a facade of mercy, tolerance, compassion, justice and love while it releases upon thirsting souls a spirit of division and chaos on a world bent on self gratification and power rather than the dignity of the man as created by God.

Yet it is precisely for this day that I was born! To not only speak the words no one wants to hear but to proclaim the truth is being reveled in the midst of the fire that the promise of hope shall not be overcome to ears open to hear!

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