America – Humanity’s Leap to Grasp Freedom

America is an amazing nation that is tolerant, honors independence, free speak and self governance! It also understands justice requires action and amazingly again honors those placed in the gap between an honest protest and the stark dishonesty of rioters!

America Freedom’s dream! The right to protest yet balanced as it ceases when the rioting begins – the line has been stretched and broken! America is an amazing nation and the true villains and those opportunists who knowingly and unknowingly seek to destroy self governance will all be brought to justice!

Spiritual Warfare is Raging:

We are in a spiritual war and the understandings of the Declaration are being tested! Those principles will prevail – term limits will follow and the elected elite will be held accountable to the same laws and standard of the citizen! We are watching new media and political organizations who hi-jack words Americans support and are using them to overthrow self governance!

They will fail because patient, tolerant and loyal American people will address the injustice against the common good being displayed in the streets often by young people who have yet to discover who America is – an Amazing nation that serves as a light to the world – whose proof is clearly communicated in unspoken words by those who seek to come here to escape the very thing those who seek to overthrow our Republic are doing today!

America is an Amazing Nation that brings hope to a broken world!

No other Nation in history compares! We have a history and will overcome self destructive movements!

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