History – Bill Clinton & Sexual Harassment

In the 1990’s while I worked for the Federal Government and Bill Clinton was president, due to his behavior I was required to go through “Sexual Harassment Training” six times in one year! I was about ready to file a complaint about being harassed by the training!

How is it that our elected Federal Officials have had a slush fund all these years and have yet to be held accountable?

Federal officials, political parties, Hollywood and the media have failed us. Perhaps the greatest offender and source of sexual harassment comes through pornography and they get rich while escaping accountability as well!

And where have the feminists been all during this time??? When is someone going to ask who are these women who seem to lack an understanding of motherhood?

Maybe there is hope today the secret agenda’s will finally begin to be reveled for what they are and the people who support them will be held accountable! We can at least pray the day of the Lord has arrived so all to can see the truth!

Oops, someone will get upset – awh shucks I used the word prayer and “the day of the Lord”. Sure we can depend on them to clear up this little problem without the help of God!!!!

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