Mud Puddles for Men!

A summary of my day. The rain she came and covered the fields to overflow. The boys came to play as is the nature of a boy to find every puddle possible while slipping and sliding to accomplish the fullest covering and merger with the earth and water possible – let us be merging the necessary ingredients of sustaining life in it’s original design. But mother God had more – she sent her breath across the fields whipping up the wind to create a soup no one could escape.

As the day drew on the rain ceased and the wind increased! Blown away by the intense activity of joys growing into men unashamed by majesty and power of nature that embraced them. A muddy mess it was that feed my soul for the hope and promise of sustaining new life in the image of it’s creator rather than in the confusion the self centered and appointed elitist would limit God’s gift of  time! Thank you Lord!!!! I think i bled mud! Here’s some mud in yer eye! Ha ha I wanna play too!!men to this world. I never saw so many boys playing in the mud at the same

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