My Yoke is easy and MY Burden Light:

Yoke first!

If Jesus Yoke is easy and His Burden Light – How come I am surrounded and being persecuted by those who seek to silence my voice! Surely there must be a bridge somewhere! Why is it hidden from my view? I am not kidding, I am in the midst of a mighty struggle and battle. It’s as if a disarming smiling face has embraced my being, yet behind my back a knife has penetrated my ribs.

As I struggle to understand and keep my balance as the voices of failure attack from within. Surely I have committed some kind of sin for which forgiveness is beyond reach! I am without a doubt a sinner, guilty and deserving of punishment.

Yet this persistent voice continues to call deep from within –> “stay the course”, I choose you, I gave you a vision of this battle. My eyes and spirit grow weary as I counter the demons who seek to unsettle my soul. Am I still called to follow? God gave me a vision of a mighty ragging war right where my leaders are unable to muster guidance? The Lord gave me a command speak of what I have shown you to see!?! The cost at moments is difficult as unworthiness hand cuffs my soul. Long have I been looking for a bridge that passes over my hesitation and waiting. I need that bridge to cross over the doubt, the valley of tears to gain access to the mountain side. Yes the destination I long for and the source of the voice I hear calling!

I ask and ask! What is it I am unable to grasp and need to understand?

Perhaps I should explore what is a Yoke? It is a device used in pulling a heavy load. For a Yoke to easy it must fit the wearer like a glove. It is tailored to embraces the wearer in a fashion that unites yoke to the one called. A Yoke is created exactly to fit unique character of the wearer! A easy Yoke is one made for the circumstances of the load to be pulled.

Oh! It is designed specifically for me and my talents! Hum!!! I say again can this be right? Hum!

My Burden is Light:

Well then, can we move on the concept of My burden is light? So what does burden mean? I must have a Yoke on, it’s tailor fit for me and it is going to assist me to pull something along = the burden? So is the “My” what makes the Burden Light? It’s not My Burden but the Burden of the one who called me! Yea, it’s His burden. Did I escape?

Hey – I am still creating and writing as a vision appears! Hang in there!

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