Corona Virus ImPact = Goofy

I am becoming “Goofy”! I didn’t know what day it is?? Friday – Fast – Lent – oh I am the perfect age = 77 – exempted from fast! My normal day to go to prison! Upon reflection this Goofy guy thinks most of us are learning a little about being imprisoned!

1. It can be lonely.
2. It can be boring.
3. It can be at moments be filled with anxiety and fear.
4. One can be confined with another who gets on yours nerves.
5. Lots of people want to tell you what to do – I mean everything!
6. Prisoners can’t give blood – suggests we have a behavior problem related to anger!
7. Inside a prison one can find the major problem when they look in a mirror!
8. I thought I knew why I started willingly to visit prisoners only to discover I was sent there to be taught.
9. There is something very much needed in a prison and it’s a Goofy word = discipline.
10. The Corona Virus is a gift and most folks will be blind and unable to see but it might could teach folks about discipline – thinking beyond self, thinking about what’s really important and what true freedom is!

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