The Devil’s Agenda On Display – Disney!

Hey y’all! Took a break. Received comments that my spelling is not so good! Yep, those folks are correct! What am I to do – what am I to do??? Yes, I am an old type-with-two-fingers yet go too fast. My mind is racing ahead of my hands and fingers! I am guilty!

Thank you to those who had the courage to criticize! I typically am thinking about what I want to say versus watching what it is that I am writing! Hence – spelling errors and words out of place and order. Heck darn! What do I do?

Time is a factor, and the modern world is fast paced! Yes, I need to slow down. Yet, buried in what I write is the spirit of the message, and I believe, in spite of my failures in typing etc., that the spiritual message may yet succeed! It is my HOPE!! Within the spiritual message lies hidden to many the TRUTH!

The Devil’s agenda is openly on display!

The modern world HATES that the objective man cannot change Truth! Ask some of the folks who work at Disney – the anti family, anti one flesh, married to the devil himself – group!!!!!! But, “HOPE” is what the modern world is in desperate need of! I sure Hope people find the courage to speak real Truth!

Goodbye Disney – hell’s fires await in anxious anticipation!

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