Dreams, Hope, Life

Found my way to Long Island New York on an adventure to observe and learn more about Lacrosse. Wasn’t bargaining for 1:30 hour trip to go 30+ miles to Farmingdale. Only saw one Farm? Dark city @ 4:45 PM and folks talk funny. Grandsons team went 3 for 3 against 2 New York teams and one from ??? Somewhere!

In every adventure there is hidden treasure – the secret to finding it lies in ones ability to watch with anticipation for the prize that was promised in ages past!

Beauty unveils herself always – she sometimes cleverly hides herself in the mist of the dew that hangs in the air often disguised through the rough road one can not avoid for the chance to find her!

I wish you the encounter of the breath of beauty as she caress’s your face in the circumstances of life’s treasured moments each day!

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