Emotions or Logic – Which is America Operating On?

Emotions – The Creation of the Perfect Storm

Let see the National Debt has now exceeded the Gross national Product – meaning – if every cent make from production & prophet in America were applied to the National Debt it could not be paid off in one year!

No Problem no one has any intentions of paying off our debt!

If every cent made by those ambiguously defined as rich and corporations were confiscated by the government the National Budget would not and could not be balanced this year!

No Problem!

So lets be fair by everyone contributing their fair share.  But almost 50% pay nothing and we can’t change that.  What was that logic again?

No Problem!

Oh and by the way there exist an empty safe / file cabinet in Washington D.C. that contains $$ paid into the Social Security System.  And since I paid in the government owes me – so pay up!

No Problem!

Proof exists the Social Security and medicare System’s are “Ponsi Schemes”.  But it’s the government running the scheme so it’s OK!

No Problem!

There is a “War on Women”!  Sure there is – it has to be true because we have all seen the Women’s Right movement say so while remaining silent as the media is attacking in an effort to destroy women whose opinions differ!

No Problem, women are grown ups too!  How dare they put children first and then speak up publicly!

The unborn – they can’t speak – they have no rights and besides one day those who manage to live will make excellent candidates we can hand our debt too!  We will love to present them with such a magnificent gift!

Could you just try and remember it’s about my “Rights”

Gay Marriage is just like a marriage between a man and a woman!  What was that about children?  Children – come on it’s about my rights stupid!

No problem!

We the people who operate on emotions have decided it’s the children and the unborn who should be held responsible for the debt we create.  After all they don’t speak up for themselves and no right minded politician would ever risk their political position and power for someone unwilling and unable to speak for themselves.

Yep – we have decided taxation and debt without representation allows we the mature to support all our various self created “Rights” and there is no such thing as a creator who may one day hold us individually “Responsible”

Dam it, your not supposed to use that word – don’t you know we simply do not refer to that “R” word – we have decided we will not be held “responsible”.  Is that clear!


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