Fathers Day and the Destruction of Dad

Holy Scripture speaks of having eyes but not being able to see!  Of course scripture is speaking of both physical and spiritual eyes!  With our human eyes we can see while simultaneously we are often unable to see the spiritual implications of what is directly in front of our nose.  Watch Out or we will bump into the wall we are constructing of unintended consequences!

Brace yourself to confront the truth.

We honor our fathers while all around us we are eliminating to the presence of dad.

We only need a few statistics to see this modern day battle taking place to remove dad from the equation of family.  How’s your eyesight?  Can anyone see the consequences of good intentions actually resulting in the destruction of dad and the make up of the ancient traditional family model described by Abraham the father of faith for the Jews, Muslims and Christians?

Boy, that brings up a lot of philosophical and faith questions.  Aren’t we all from the same family and father?

And if the father is missing from the modern family equation who then is replacing dad?

Remember the story of Abraham?  What was so important to Abraham?  We know he already had a son, Ismael by his wife’s slave Hagar?

Yet Abraham was not satisfied.  What is it about the human condition that made Abraham dissatisfied?  Put on your spiritual eyes!

Thirteen years after Ismael is born – a long time to wait, finally miraculously along comes Isaac the son of Shariah!

Humans are mamal’s and as such have animal survival instincts.  God placed us here on earth to procreate – participate in the creation of new life!  But we humans are also created in the image of God therefore have a spirit or soul which separates humans from animals.

It is this spiritual dimension that Abraham longs to satisfy.  The Lord God promised Abraham he would be the father of a great nation – not any nation but the Jewish nation, a nation chosen to be a light to the world for the one and only true God.

Why was it so important to Abraham to have a Son?  Didn’t he already have one?

To fulfill this spiritual dream, Abraham instinctively knew he needed to have a child with his Jewish wife Shariah creative a pure blood son of Jewish ancestry.  It could be no other way from Abraham.

Ever pay attention to the animal kingdom and the great sacrifice and effort animals instincts play in the procreation of their offspring.

A mother always knows, without exception the child she bears is of here seed.  But what about the father.  A father can not automatically be so certain.

Therefore, in nature for every species, a father has an inherent instinctive need to assure within his capability the child born is of his seed and not someone Else’s child.

For example, with homing pigeons the male pigeon begins to drive his mate about the time she is ready for her egg to be fertilized.  This behavior is called driving the hen.  The male pigeon will essentially wear himself driving his hen.  He will not let her rest, stop to eat or drink until she lays those two eggs.  This behavior is designed to keep another male pigeon from mounting her and thus assuring the resulting offspring are truly and purely his.

This behavior and instinctive drive is natural in every male.  Conversely the female always knows the child is hers!

Your spiritual eyes open yet?  The story of the first born son is from antiquity!  Why a son and not a daughter?  Because it is a lesson about a relationship of faithfulness and purity.

The life seed of a father requires complete faithfulness on the part of the mother.  The life seed of a father demands action and behavior by the father to protect, defend and assure the mother and child conceived are nurtured and protected.

Marriage – What is Married???

Marriage is a word used to describe this unique relationship of faithfulness between a man and woman where the purity of children born into this family are pure.  It is a relationship where a man and a woman open themselves up to the most intimate of relationships that open the possibilities of being responsible for the children brought into the world through this intimate relationship.

The fullness of the spiritual story is woven into the fabric of the human story of the journey of life on earth.

When the father of a child is destroyed by circumstances of life, every child born into this circumstance instinctively searches for the father who by nature is called to protect and defend that child.  A single mother can raise a child but she can not completely replace the spirit of a missing father.

In the world of 2011, over half the children being born in the land of the free and the brave are born to single unwed mothers.  These children face a life time of wondering who their father is and why he was not present to protect, defend and nurture them?

And who are the mothers turning to replace what nature created – a father.  More and more women are turning to a federal government, who itself is turning toward a political correctness value system unfriendly to the father, that not only defies the spirit of truth but seeks to replace the father with an image, a pagan idol which is not alive.  A progressive secular humanism God is seeking to become the new religion of the land.

Open spiritual eyes are required to see the battlefield unfolding before our eyes.

The Truth will set us free!  Only the truth can save us from human natures desire to replace God with self.

Children without a father and a mother who places her trust in a government to nurture defend and support her increases the potential to lead an unaware and unseeing population into a new form of bondage and slavery.  A form of share croppers who owe their survival to a human god who seeks to become the land baron who owns the flesh & blood of it’s citizen slaves.

Destroy the father, destroy dad and with them one begins to replace the one true God with a self serving human idol.

The battle has long been underway and the casualties many.  Yet the War is neither over nor lost!

For the Truth is always the Truth – no one can change the Truth and the Truth can set every spirit free!

The questions is???  How many angry young men will be sacrificed on street corners fighting mad over abandonment by an unseen or unknown dad?  How many children will these young men create themselves?  How many new single mothers are being created with this model of indentured servant implanted upon their spirit?

To be continued ……..


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