A Grand Fathers Dream

A grand dad doesn’t always know it until it happens.  Grand children are the fulfillment of the Dream he has been waiting for his whole life.

Yep – you are my best ever dream!

Watching you grow is a treasure buried in the journey of life.  Getting to see that first smile melts an old man’s heart.  Hearing those first sounds is music to his ears.  Heck, even getting the chance to change those dirty diapers was a blessing.

Wondering what your personality would be makes an old man young again as he watches  every phase of growth as nature unveils it .  I didn’t know it until it happened, the name you called me was better than any I could chose for myself.  It didn’t really matter if you couldn’t say it correctly or not.  It was a name that was authentically given by you talking to me as if for the first.

Getting to hold you, feed you and burp you were treasures unfolding as you grew.  Then your first setup, crawl and shaky stand up.  Guessing the day you would crawl and walk required no effort on my part.

But sometimes the coldness hidden the depths of the human heart presents a stumbling block to natures call.

I can still remember how proud I was of my children and how I wanted the world to see just how beautiful they were.  Anything else was foreign to my experience in life.

To stand back and wait for one without normal instincts is an unexpected challenge for a grand father.  Trusting time is a healer and solver of unseen barriers caused by childhood  wounds and brokenness carried into parenthood is a difficult task.

A grand father never dreams standing outside is an  act of love, especially when this necessary expression of love is used to justify greater rejection and fault.  Stone cold is a term I never dreamed I would understand.  Yet, waiting is exactly what a loving God does until his children encounter the necessary experiences of life that penetrate a heart made of stone.

God’s wisdom is revealed to those who encounter the blessings learned through rejection and suffering.

Pray for the day hearts of stone are converted to open spirit filled vessels of pure love which risks all by entering the dominion of a stone cold heart.

The unfolding story – to be continued …….

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