How does one Stop a Charging Elephant?

Nature is truer than fiction – think about it a while and as you read on!

Maybe you heard this joke when you were a young man like me.

How does one stop a charging elephant?    Take away his “Credit Card” was the answer.

Not the greatest joke I ever heard!

But who would ever have thought it would really be necessary to stop a charging elephant by taking away it’s credit card?  Well who would think such?

Oh!  Oh!  Let’s put it another way.  Who would have thought it would be necessary to stop a charging donkey taking steroids by taking away it’s credit card?  Can you believe it a donkey is more efficient at charging than an elephant?

Somebody hit the reset button.  Can this be true?

Is it possible we are there!  The donkeys and the elephants seem to have lost the concept of being a civil let alone understanding their role as a servant to the people.  Respectful and responsible are words they avoid.

It appears they have over many years come to expect the people to tolerate their behavior as drunken sailors on shore leave.  But it’s really worse, these sailors don’t run out of money ever, they believe they have the authority to just keep charging and printing new money like there is no day of reckoning.  Accelerator to the floor –  but is anyone looking our the front window at the cliff dead ahead?

The real question is — are we just going to lie down and let them run over us and spend our grand children’s money or worse bankrupt the nation?

Or are “We the People” going to finally get off our butts and exercise the balance of power reserved to the people and begin acting like adults ourselves and take away the credit card of each donkey and elephant who lacks the wisdom of recognizing we have changed the rules of the game — No Credit Cards Allowed!!!!

Mr Donkey and Mr Elephant get your hand out of my pocket and no you can not use my credit card either!

The to re-balance power which will result in a rebirth of the concept of a Balanced Budget!

This one is playing as we breath!

To be continued ………….  while we are waiting pray to God discipline returns ……….


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