The Concept of the First Born Son – is still Cooking

Welcome to the noisy and messy world of searching for the truth in a world consumed by self creation of an image of an idol that is without life or spirit.  Sometimes a concept or idea or notion, especially an ancient one gets into ones blood stream and grabs a hold of your spirit and doesn’t let go.

The First Born Son – a message from God sent by the Holy Spirit to humanity through the words captured and recorded by humanity in scripture.

Why was a first born son so important to Abraham?  Well we should know that Jesus Christ came to us as the first born son of God himself.

We know Sarah was barren yet she had a son Isaac!  For sure Isaac was the son of Sarah.  And because Sarah was old and barren.  Not many men would have been interested in an intimate relationship with Sarah and certainly they would have thought it not worth the risk of upsetting Abraham.

So, we must conclude that Sarah was faithful to Abraham so that the male child, Isaac would be legitimately of Abraham’s seed.

So what are the spiritual implications I am searching for?

Within the concept of the first born son lives the truth of God, the seeds of hope and faith one will inherit everything of the father and live on forever!  The concept of the First Born Son demands one places faith in God above all else and then articulates that by not just believing but doing the will of God.  Nothing is more important than the first born son if one is to live forever.

This is the revelation I have been searching for!

Not only this revelation but another – the mother must be pure and solely intimate and faithful exclusively to the father.

Scripture, the word of God is about reveling spiritual truth.  It contains a story about the human animal whose body serves as a temple that serves as the home for the spirit planted by the creator there.

This spirit seeks to live forever in the promised land of the Lord God almighty.  This spirit seeks to be reunited with the spirit that created it.  The creator of the spirit loves unconditionally and to prove it grants every human spirit free will.  Then the creator simply waits for the spirit in every human being to figure out for itself the purpose of being created is to seek and find itself back in the right relationship with the creator.

The temple of the spirit being human must find a method of articulating the desire buried within to discover the purpose for which each one was created.

The First Born Son of God is the pure essence of the spirit of God, the creator of all.  As such the First Bord Son is faithful to the purpose for which the first born son was sent.  To do the will of the Father for which the reward is not only eternal life but participation in the glory of the creator.

Lets put this in another way.  The Church is the source of faith and the bearer of spiritual truth.  The Church is referred to as mother church since all of the children of truth will be hers.  For all of the children to be born of the same spirit as the father this mother must be ever and purely faithful to the father.

Every child born of this mother and father will be called to respond to the spirit of the first born son.  This can only be accomplished through the free will choice of opening one’s spiritual heart to the truth followed by discerning the purpose one was created and fulfilling that [purpose which is the will of God.

And when the journey is over, an encounter with the glory of God and everlasting life in unity with all the angles and saints can be assured.

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