Marriage – One Flesh?

In this world today can marriage be discussed without being called homophobic if one supports traditional and a religious marriage?

Those who honestly seek objective truth these days is hard to find these days.  Not a single person walking the face of the earth was created without having a female mother and male father.  Not a single one!  Sex without the potential to create new life is not a marriage in the eyes of God – all it is without the open possibility to create new life is fulfill self gratification!

Further marriage is a contract that unites a male, a female and the intimate act that creates children into the building blocks of something greater than self.  We call it the church and civil society.  Change this formula and what results is sex for self gratification without the potential to create new life and at that point it doesn’t who one partner is.

The Christian concept of marriage is not confusing – it is clearly laid out “In the beginning – Genesis”. God made man – male and female he created them. He didn’t make a mistake – it was good. Bone of my bone and flesh of they were to become one.  The two were created to become one flesh and only united together can they create new life. They were called to enter into an intimate and vulnerable encounter – one flesh cooperating with the spirit of God entered into a partnership with God with the real possibility of creating a new life in the image of God and then with the commitment to nurture that new life for years to come – a child.  A third human being was not required.   That’s what a Christian marriage is – a man and a women open to the creation of new life – it is procreative. 

This truth is not prejudice or bigoted – it is simply the truth.

Every human person is a gift and each is called to give themselves away for God created them for a purpose and that purpose is to discover God’s will and purpose for which they were created.  Always to testify to the creation of new life – the truth and to live life fully to testify to that truth.

Christians know it didn’t take the first humans long to get into trouble with the desire to play God. Things got messy fast in the garden so we should not be surprised that humans in our modern day society approach the tree of knowledge with lightning speed and some even think they own the tree and can redefine the truth any way they want and change the truth anytime they decide.

God created men and women different on purpose. So they would be dependent upon one another and their survival would be dependent upon the mutual gift of self = through an intimate act of love that would require sacrifice.  Every human has a mother and a father. Unfortunately our modern day intellectual society – tough many are well intended people – well society seems to be making bigger and bigger mess.  We seem blinded to the self destruction taking place all around us – we have many who appear to be throw away people especially those who are old and the unborn who have no voice.  So many say life matters but do nothing to address the war taking place in the womb of mothers the soul of our future nation and the world. Many seem hell bent on destroying truth our only source of salvation, rather than marching into the mess created by broken families and those communities at war within themselves.  Who is working to heal all the brokenness being created by self truth?

If you would like an eye opener come with me to prison – I will introduce you to many young people who are angry as hell because they know deep inside their spirit they are supposed to have a mother and a father who were called to love them and every child knows discipline is love.

Sorry it’s not all about you – it’s not about the selfie generation of today. It is and has always been about about God’s love and truth from which we can hide but never our spirits can never escape.

When are we going to grow up spiritually and ask what the hell is our society doing to mothers and fathers who are supposed to form families and what have we done to the one flesh concept God gave us that every life is sacred? We seem more interested in setting free the one who seeks to destroy us – the one who says it all about me – my world – my life and come with me on a trip to hell?

Look at what humanity is doing to itself – we have declared war on the safe haven of the womb of mothers.  We are invading it with tactics designed to destroy the gift of the one flesh union and take the life of babies while dismembering their bodies for profit.  We have divided the house of marriage against ourselves and our future.  But we are not done sinking into hell as some are seeking to take the body whole for the profit margin tempts us to ignore God’s truth.

When a woman alone, has the right to destroy an unborn child alone, what must also dieGod’s plan for creation of one flesh, the father, the marriage of male and female must also be sacrificed by the female the one who God created to be the single source and birth channel for new life and the future of humanity.

Who have we become?

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