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Where Oh Where is Raphael?

I discovered my Baptismal Patron Saint:

Help help help!!! I cry out with all my soul! I am calling to the wind, the spirit and breath of life to carry my plea to the ends of the earth! Help help help. My name is Michael given at birth yet delayed to this moment to recognize my calling. In the midst of the night my kin Gabriel I heard the hark as coming through my many intercessions to the Virgin!  Make haste our kin Raphael has been taken hostage by the spirit of “trans” seeking to detour souls on their journey home to the promised land.

Deception Evils Doorway:

Deceptive is that Spirit kin to the deceiver articulated in the story – “In the Beginning from which “original sin entered the world! Ah ha – yes luring souls including the tender vulnerable very young ever so slowly leading to the great abyss. Oh Raphael, Oh Raphael where oh where have you taken up hiding Raphael?

Bowels of the Earth – My Classroom:

Oh my cries my soul; For years my ears have heard the cry from the souls of men seeking the answer of just who they were created to be? To the bowels of the earth I traveled. My classroom of the spirit of creation is where few travel! Have you forgotten Raphael you are pure spirit created to lead and join prayers of souls crying out from the deeps of the their soul inhabiting earth seeking profound healing only found in the truth of God’s design in the beginning.

I need help! Yes I need help of souls with spiritual ears and eyes! Yes the spirit hidden within People – oh so often people who earnestly wish to follow the good shepherd yet seemingly blinded by the imagination and lure of the great deceiver to replace God’s tree with self! Imagination now used as a serious weapon of war seeking to fool and conquer the spirit of logic with selfie Truth! Hi tech has opened a new door diverting focus and attention away from ancient truth luring man’s nature to own the tree of good and evil! Today this weapon is placed in the hands of the very young and vulnerable!

The Walls of the One Flesh have been penetrated:

Oh my, oh my and even the old journeying on, separating truth and Creations design from reality. Oh so many have been lured by greater and greater numbers, especially the young holding in their small hands the newest device that has invaded the domain of the one flesh and stealthily seeks control over ones imagination – an imaginary Disney Land where all things are possible including the desire to extinguish the one flesh few in the modern world understand.

Thick Clouds cover the earth:

Hark – I cry in desperation! Can anyone hear my voice! Have the images of the deceiver world placed a thick layer of clouds over souls so thick eyes can no longer see and ears can not hear! Has this spirit of imagination been deceived leading souls and putting them to sleep? The Battle from the beginning has always been raging. But today it seems to have accelerated taking Raphael hostage! Has anyone see the great archangel?

Hidden Power of Imagination and Emotions Joined:

Oh so many others have been taken hostage as well by the power of imagination and emotions even penetrating and overtaking so many leaders of the good shepherd’s church!
Yes even some holier than thou followers cry in protest to the proclaiming of truth and are offended by any Rebuke. Rather they protest – seeking rather a voice that will entertain the imagination and speak to the spirit within a message the new born selfie god wants to hear! Oh my even some Cardinals, Archbishops and Priests tremble at the volume of the voice of imagination and emotion! Purse strings influence truth! For who exists in our modern world that is qualified to testify to the Truth reveled “In the Beginning”? Rather embracing Pilot’s words! Truth – what is truth! Spoken to the face of the one who came to testify to the Truth and was ultimately willing to be crucified in silence for speaking the message of truth clarified from the Beginning! Yet while hanging His spirit spoke volumes to the eyes open to read the discipline of love communicated through suffering! The secret doorway was reveled to spirits open and willing to enter the story!

I am Michael created to drive the demons of heaven and earth into the great abyss to save souls of man from following! Yet in this modern selfie world even I am in desperate need of human souls from the so very very old through the very very young to join me in prayer to save Raphael. And to pray to save those suffering from the delusions of the imagination driven by and embedded in the upheaval of emotions seeking free reign over the spirit of logic defining the very battle of this day – the war between the spirit and flesh that began in the very beginning of time.

Who will step forward and help me? I call upon angels, saints with wings and souls of pilgrims of earth on the journey home to kneel down this day! Pray I ask for the spirit and source of healing of the “trans” disease inflicted by the great deceiver, that seeks to destroy essence of the innocence of life from the cradle of the womb of creation and now targets the innocence of youth designed to be protected by the very spiritual nature of the one flesh!  I plead – am I alone? Who will pray with me for the healing of souls walking in the crises of the unseen war seeking the ruin and extinction of man, woman, male, female, boy, girl, mother, father, husband, and wife all the while taking dead aim at dissolving God’s design for – “the “One Flesh“!

Am I Michael walking alone? Is there a single soul who with the courage to support the creation of a spirit lead animation as in God’s spiritual creation with the potential to penetrate the imagination in spite of the great deceiver’s thick clouds that covers the whole world seeking lost souls!  And where oh where has Raphael been taken hostage?

The Truth will set you Free — Who spoke those words?


Anger – Cultures Stealth Disease:

Forgiveness: the most difficult thing for humans to do! If we can forgive the most grievous offenses we have indeed stepped to new level! Riot’s, burning, looting, injury and yes death! Lord Have Mercy! Well isn’t that why we say those words? We need God’s help to do it!

Anger can be seen around the nation! What can I possibly do? Our nation is broken and bent on all sorts of agenda’s! Punishment for sins because of the color of ones skin! Yikes! No one asks today where are mom and dad of all these young people of every skin color! Where does this anger originate?

Babies aren’t angry! They need to be nurtured, held, hugged, feed spiritually and physically! There really is Truth! Parents are the first teachers and best teachers of their children! When did we forget? Yes we have!

Whose is teaching modern day kids? I walk through a room of angry young juveniles (kids) when I visit prison. The old inmates tell me why they are so angry! And the old inmates don’t want them in their dorms because someone may get killed!

Why is it we do not have leaders who have eyes to see and ears to hear the cries coming from so many young people and the courage to speak? Why isn’t the issue of father and mother the highest issue in our modern day hi tech world?

No rather our political and Silly Con leaders want to BAN Father, Mother, Wife, Husband, Boy, Girl as outlawed words on capital hill!!!!

Its’ a War against God’s Design:

Does anyone remember the Story of Adam and Eve in Garden? The first teachers and the best teachers assassinated in the land of the free and the brave!

And we wonder why our young folks are angry. Our political leaders want to kill the influence of mom and dad. Whose going to walk into the anger being played out in the streets? Won’t be a governor, or mayor, or council person! The building block for civilization is the family = mom, dad, mother, father, male, female, marriage the original source of boys and girls

And where is greatest treasure hidden in our modern hi tech world? Yep!!! Grandparents, Granny, Grand Pa, papa, meme, every family has a favorite title! You know – granny and grandpa you are our most most MVP’s!

Speaking with no Ears:

Have we have lost the ability to talk and listen to one another. It is a break down of the spiritual family! We have surrendered and become obtuse and ours brains unable to consider the really real beyond ourselves! Selfie dominates family – individual pleasure cancels community!

The Best Teachers:

The primary teacher of Truth is failing due to a lack of courage to proclaim Gospel principles- the Good News is really really hard and provides a mirror the pleasure world rejects! Happy talk is not the Gospel! Reading a sermon that puts young people to sleep while explaining to the old folks what they already know misses the mark! Technocratic preaching about perfection misses the mark when Christ came to lead the sinner to walk while still imperfect to begin learning to listen and speak about the hope hidden in the good news to the younger generation! In the Beginning who was the building block of humanity?

Hurt – Necessary Stumbling to Open Ones Mind:

Conversion is a journey that takes years while one stumbles all over themselves often for years. One of the road blocks to the human heart is the serious lack of understanding life is sacred – yes the unborn can be detected crying out in the intense anger coming from young people abandoned by family and community and in our modern society. Does my life matter is the cry! The young people’s spirit long ago detected respect for life is a facade! The spirits of the black men whose lives have been snuffed out are crying out adding to the long standing sustained cry no one hears!

For years Modern man has lacked the ability and worse the will to listen with spiritual ears! Selfie self rules as we have long been sacrificing the unborn, broken families, created orphan after orphan of divorce, and surrendered to pleasure and profit that wastes the potential of our young as they fry their brains with marijuana and other drugs as the wealthy prosper! We are human not God! We are eating our own young and sacrificing many on the selfie altar.

Smart Phone Technology Replaces the Soul:

A phone has replaced God and humans! Our politicians have failed us especially those who have attained and sustained the highest level of selfie self rule for ages and ages!Corruption to maintain power is destructive! Even many Church leaders have failed us as well as they focus on obtaining a higher stipend and building play and entertainment mansions while compromising the meaning of the cross!

One Flesh the Building Block of Civilization:

The building block of civilization, a nation and the church are all built from the same rock as in the beginning! One flesh, the best and most effective teachers = marriage –> father + mother, male + female have been aborted at the altar of the new Selfie god which is unable to procreate any new life.

Who I ask – above all – should be leading humanity back to the only Truth that can set humanity Free and restore the sacredness of life while opening the door simultaneously to release Hope from the chains and darkness of the modern culture of death that has wrapped it’s arms around the world?

Prayer – the Door Opener:

St. Joseph foster father pray for us! Mary mother of God open our ears! Holy Spirit send us courage to penetrate the hardness of our human heart! Jesus son of God help us understand we know not what we do! Help us do what you did! Forgive as you forgave – We indeed are a stiff necked people!

Mercy and Justice a Marriage

Mercy and Justice – one can not exist without the other. They are a couple that require a balance and cannot be separated without taking the life of one or the other. Mercy and justice are the opposite ends of a scale, a pair, like a married couple of one man and one woman. The difference is what makes possible a proper balance. The creation of new life body and soul depend upon the hope of redemption which is only possible when mercy and justice are balanced. One can not exist without the other. Mercy and Justice a marriage.

Yet humanities fallen nature and weakness to sin leads many to seek self gratification and self glory which ignores God’s scaled design between mercy and justice resulting in the elevation of man to creator of self.

God’s wisdom created a scale to be balanced that humans cannot escape without running the risk of creating chaos, heart ache and a real mess! Will humanity turn to the spirit of the one who said these words? “Forgive them Father they know not what they do!” In those words lies the secret to humanity finding the pathway out of a self created darkness into the real possibility of hope! Mercy and justice resting on opposite ends of scale yet operating as a the power source of new life and spiritual health.

Can we overcome the magnetic field of the worlds selfie agenda to chose and worship self interest that seeks to isolate us as it strips away the prerequisite intimate balance that draws and holds mercy and justice woven together? The secret ingredient is the voice of truth which speaks even when there is no sound! Mercy and Justice a marriage.

Marriage – Theology of the Body

In scripture The Lord of Hosts makes reference to the motif of spousal love and marriage. Where Christ is the bridegroom or male and the church is the bride or female. From the beginning the word spousal has a singular meaning which can only be satisfied when two people, one male (husband) and the other female (wife) marry. God the spokesperson of this truth, speaks as Creator of new life and Redeemer to new life. The marriage relationship in scripture always assumes the one flesh potential for the creation of new life. The terminology used is designed to help the people of faith know how to respond to God in faith. To destroy the meaning of the word spouse as male and female serves to confuse the fullness of truth and who the source of life is itself.

The marriage of a man and woman is a primordial building block (from the beginning) that serves as the defining mystery and pathway to salvation. One is called to give the gift of self in a manner that creates new life. That which can be seen yet remain hidden.

My feeble attempt to grasp St. John Paul II teaching on the Theology of the Body.

God made Men and Women

God made women to be superior at being a women. God man man to be superior at being a man. God made men and women with free will so they could freely chose to enter into the most intimate relationship where one could simply not do without the other – become one flesh – from which God’s greatest treasure to the world is created – a child – new life – hope for the future which depends upon the love of creator mom and dad one spirit!

Marriage – One Flesh?

In this world today can marriage be discussed without being called homophobic if one supports traditional and a religious marriage?

Those who honestly seek objective truth these days is hard to find these days.  Not a single person walking the face of the earth was created without having a female mother and male father.  Not a single one!  Sex without the potential to create new life is not a marriage in the eyes of God – all it is without the open possibility to create new life is fulfill self gratification!

Further marriage is a contract that unites a male, a female and the intimate act that creates children into the building blocks of something greater than self.  We call it the church and civil society.  Change this formula and what results is sex for self gratification without the potential to create new life and at that point it doesn’t who one partner is.

The Christian concept of marriage is not confusing – it is clearly laid out “In the beginning – Genesis”. God made man – male and female he created them. He didn’t make a mistake – it was good. Bone of my bone and flesh of they were to become one.  The two were created to become one flesh and only united together can they create new life. They were called to enter into an intimate and vulnerable encounter – one flesh cooperating with the spirit of God entered into a partnership with God with the real possibility of creating a new life in the image of God and then with the commitment to nurture that new life for years to come – a child.  A third human being was not required.   That’s what a Christian marriage is – a man and a women open to the creation of new life – it is procreative. 

This truth is not prejudice or bigoted – it is simply the truth.

Every human person is a gift and each is called to give themselves away for God created them for a purpose and that purpose is to discover God’s will and purpose for which they were created.  Always to testify to the creation of new life – the truth and to live life fully to testify to that truth.

Christians know it didn’t take the first humans long to get into trouble with the desire to play God. Things got messy fast in the garden so we should not be surprised that humans in our modern day society approach the tree of knowledge with lightning speed and some even think they own the tree and can redefine the truth any way they want and change the truth anytime they decide.

God created men and women different on purpose. So they would be dependent upon one another and their survival would be dependent upon the mutual gift of self = through an intimate act of love that would require sacrifice.  Every human has a mother and a father. Unfortunately our modern day intellectual society – tough many are well intended people – well society seems to be making bigger and bigger mess.  We seem blinded to the self destruction taking place all around us – we have many who appear to be throw away people especially those who are old and the unborn who have no voice.  So many say life matters but do nothing to address the war taking place in the womb of mothers the soul of our future nation and the world. Many seem hell bent on destroying truth our only source of salvation, rather than marching into the mess created by broken families and those communities at war within themselves.  Who is working to heal all the brokenness being created by self truth?

If you would like an eye opener come with me to prison – I will introduce you to many young people who are angry as hell because they know deep inside their spirit they are supposed to have a mother and a father who were called to love them and every child knows discipline is love.

Sorry it’s not all about you – it’s not about the selfie generation of today. It is and has always been about about God’s love and truth from which we can hide but never our spirits can never escape.

When are we going to grow up spiritually and ask what the hell is our society doing to mothers and fathers who are supposed to form families and what have we done to the one flesh concept God gave us that every life is sacred? We seem more interested in setting free the one who seeks to destroy us – the one who says it all about me – my world – my life and come with me on a trip to hell?

Look at what humanity is doing to itself – we have declared war on the safe haven of the womb of mothers.  We are invading it with tactics designed to destroy the gift of the one flesh union and take the life of babies while dismembering their bodies for profit.  We have divided the house of marriage against ourselves and our future.  But we are not done sinking into hell as some are seeking to take the body whole for the profit margin tempts us to ignore God’s truth.

When a woman alone, has the right to destroy an unborn child alone, what must also dieGod’s plan for creation of one flesh, the father, the marriage of male and female must also be sacrificed by the female the one who God created to be the single source and birth channel for new life and the future of humanity.

Who have we become?

Time to Recover Our Voices and Language

The War (against God) is growing more intense.  The Secular progressives got the taste of blood, the world wide news of defeating Christians at every level has emboldened them.  To make matters worse Christian have been waking up to the secular progressive agenda and the confrontation has begun.  The threat of losing power has them frantic to shut up Christians by any method – the end justifies the means is acceptable.

The right to worship versus the truth = Freedom of ReligionNot what one does in church but how one lives ones life is at stake.

The attack on Religious Freedom in our day is alive and well.  Secular progressives call religious freedom discrimination and bigotry.  Shut them down and if that doesn’t work shut them up is the battle cry!

The redefinition of the use of Christian language and lets expand it on the idea of marriage.   Freedom of Religion can be used to discriminate!  Yea that’s the idea.  Lets depend upon Christians not knowing what is marriage is all about in the first place – it’s all about love — RIGHT?  Lets confuse what love means and truth has nothing to do with it.  It’s all about how it feels – it’s emotional – no logic – no restrictions – that’s not progressive.  Let have it our way – the human way – let eliminate God from the conversation.  The best way to do that is attack the oldest Christian Church – the Catholic Church.

Let’s see – what does the Catholic Religion teach about marriage?  Oh yea — two people / humans / who are open to the real possibility of the creation of children all by themselves – well with God’s help of course.

If these two people / humans are not open to the possibility of creating children themselves then marriage is not a possibility.  Well the secular progressives don’t want anyone ( especially the young who think it’s all about love)  to know that truth – well just shut your mouth.  Could it be it’s the children who have the right to the marriage and not the adults after all?  Let’s try and remember these are supposed to be mature people and they are making a life time commitment to each other and to the children they may create without a third person and it’s for life.

Let’s see – what does the bible say – In the beginning God created man.  Male and female he created them and it was good.  Together they became one flesh – they have reciprocal parts made to fit – bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh and it was good.  So again the basics – which set of two humans can create children without seeking the help of a third party?  Yep that would be a male and a female just like God said in the beginning –> the required pair needed to form a marriage.

So if in practicing ones religion takes place in every day life outside of worship services, one would find oneself in a scandalous situation of being forced to support the marriage of a man and woman that are openly opposed children oh what must I do?  That would be based upon having arrived at informed conscientious.  I should decide I can not support or participate in such a marriage.  This is not discrimination or bigotry – it is freedom of religion as is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

So if two people of opposite sex can create a scandal could two people of the same sex do so as well?  Lets examine – can the two of them alone create children?  So heavens name then why would the government find it necessary to require people of faith to honor this odd arrangement of marriage?  It would force participation one into scandalous behavior – God created those who claim to be gay and lesbian as male and female and it was good.  The have every right a straight couple has!  But they want more.

We Christians need to recover our courage and defend the language (words) of faith.  The Secular progressives are not God and do not have authority to change the meaning of words to fit their progressive self driven agenda.

The battle had just begun and we Christians need to wake up to the stealth war raging in our culture.

We are called to love one another and we do so by being truthful with one another.