The War Below the Surface – Still?

Seventeen years ago, my wife and I got on a plane in Atlanta. Destination Ft. Lauderdale Florida and a funeral for my wife’s Aunt Norma. We never got off the ground! I thought my mind was running on overtime remembering Aunt Norma. I had no idea what real overtime could be?!?

Aunt Norma spent much of her time in a bar – a bar that became a home for some people from every kind of walk through life’s journey! I don’t think Norma ever met a stranger no matter their status in life from the homeless bum to the wealthy! Some would say Norma was foolish and silly for opening herself to being taken advantage of by some who sought selfish ends. I still remember her smile and greeting! Always room even when room was hard to find.

She loved her children and grand children and gave generously although sometimes her gifts didn’t match up with the hopes she wished! Aunt Norma gave herself away – a gift in itself often misunderstood and unseen by the world of imperfect people she encountered!

Then unfolded before our eyes the gift of self as normally unseen people rushed to the aid of others without thought to the danger an evil spirit can unleash upon a people so busy living the good life no one was paying attention to the evil ever present in the hearts of some!
We live in a world where a war rages below the surface of human eyes but can be seen by spiritual eyes willing and open to the voice of the spirit that created us. Love one another – but do we know what love is?

He said, I came to testify to the truth and gave us a promised gift! The truth will set you free! Truth is love! The source of truth is spiritual and comes at great cost!

Are we ready to run into the burning building of our world to save the bum, orphan, stranger, self observed and those who think we are a fool and tell us to shut up?

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