Turf Protection Unseen – It’s my Turf -er- Sin Hiding behind Authority:

Working on Sermon for Spanish Class. Write it in English first then translate and later deliver in Spanish. I chose Gospel of Mark 9: 38 – 50 – Story of Jesus disciples complaining someone outside the inner group was healing folks in his name. Tell them to stop – human nature’s jealousy reaction! If they are not against me – hummm thinking as smoke comes out my ears!

So in 2018 we know some in the elite group we call clergy have been very naughty!
Did I tell you I plan to use this reflection in prison to those found guilty and locked away in a prison?  Could a real prisoner one day play a part in healing souls buried in a kind of authority prison where few clergyman are willing to enter?

I wonder just how many of you would seek to silence the voice of one willing to step into the darkness carrying only a light of hope hidden from eyes blinded by bars created to suggest only the inner group posses the grace to set others free?

Do we believe what Jesus taught? Could be time for those outside the inner authority circle who follow Christ’s lead to begin to find the voice that has been encouraged to be locked away waiting for a sign it’s time to speak and act!

Perhap’s we need someone rejected and imprisoned to show us the pathway to freedom?

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