Wall Street Protestors

It is very interesting to watch the Wall Street Protesters.  The good news is they are out there because something does not seem right to them and they know it is time to do something about what they sense is not right.

In fact I would say the cause of their unrest comes from a reaction taking place in their guts that something is very very wrong and doing nothing will not satisfy their gut level unrest.  Human natures gut level reaction is a result of one’s mind sensing one’s true values in life are at risk of being lost.

A Gut Level Reaction = a Gift from the Creator Himself

This gut level reaction demands attention and causes the human being to begin searching one soul to determine what it is that has so upset the apple cart of their life.  As such, a gut level reaction of this sort is nothing sort of a gift from God.  It opens the door for a person to dig up their core values and examine them again as if for the first time.  It offers the possibility one can decide which values they want to retain and which values may not have been founded upon solid truths.

This may not sit well with Wall Street Protesters but they are delayed reaction and are following the foot steps of Tea Party Patriots who are essentially the Wall Street Protesters elders and maybe parents or grand parents.

Long ago the Tea Party Patriots went through the gut level reaction of questioning why their level values where yelling at them.  Something was amiss and needed to addressed quickly.  Perhaps because the Tea Party Patriots were older, wiser and had developed more problem solving skills the cause and solution to the Gut Level Crises was asked, articulated and the primary values and principles that were triggering the reaction where addressed in an unprecedented method which opened the doorway to all citizens who were willing to take the time and participate.

Hence the Tea Party Movement with millions of participants articulating simple and clear Principles mushroomed almost over night more than two years ago.  The Wall Street Protesters needed the crises to begin to effect them personally before the Human Gut Level to begin to kick in for them.

There many gut level issues the Wall Street Protesters have in common with the Tea Party Patriots though this may upset some members of each group.

Who are we as a nation?  Who do we say we are?  Who did our founding Fathers say we were?  Who have we become?  Are we happy with who we have become?  The answer to this last question is “NO” for Wall Street Protesters and Tea Party Patriots.

There is Hope We Can believe In — The Wall Street Protesters are Awakening !

It is clear listening to the Wall Street Protesters that they do not have or share a common principled action plan for the turmoil taking place at the Gut Level.  Further they demonstrate far less maturity than the Tea Party Movement which is clearly demonstrated in behavior and cleaning up after oneself.

Not to despair, their is great hope because the most critical and essential human step has begun – they are opening up.  They have awakened and know there is a major problem and have now begun to struggle to articulate an answer and begin to reach unity of purpose through consensus.




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