Common Thread Occupy Wall Street Protesters and Tea Party Patriots

Gut Level Instinct

The Occupy Wall Street Protesters are reacting to something that is troubling them.  Tough many wall street protesters would not admit the phenomena is the same which triggered the Tea Party Protests and marches around the Nation.  Something powerful is driving the Occupy Wall Street Protesters to action.  Fact is the same “Gut Level” reaction drove their parents and grand parents to begin the Tea Party Protest movement.   The main difference between the two movements is a more than a two year delay in reaction.  On many basic points concerning corruption both movements are upset with the same basic basic failure of human to avoid becoming corrupt.

The primary difference between the two movements is the Tea Party protesters due tho their age, experience in life and wisdom gained through failure and multiple wars against enemies from every sector of society, government and the world.  The Tea Party Protest “Gut Level” reaction happened much quicker and due to having been around the block more often the Tea Party detected and addressed the cause of the “gut level” reaction swiftly and succinctly.  The Tea Party folks instinctively they had to keep the solution to the problem simple and  clear while avoiding highly divisive issues.

The Occupy Wall Crowd is simply an unorganized crowd of young people with abundant energy that has to discover the secrets to effective articulation of their purpose and how to create leadership within a leaderless group.

The Good News is the Occupy Wall Street has awakened to the reality this Nation is on the wrong track and their future freedoms are in jeopardy.  The downside for the occupy Wall Street group is they do not have the worldly or spiritual maturity to recognize their greatest enemy lives within.

Waking Up is Critical to Beginning to the Beginning of Identifying the Problem and it’s Seriouness

The Occupy Wall Streets folks, as the Tea Party folks know, will begin to learn the people of this great nation, including themselves have long allowed corruption at every level of our society to flourish and grow.  They will also learn their own actions, belief’s and values have contributed to the decline.  The hardest lesson to learn – the enemy is looking directly back at you in the mirror.

Ever so slowly the Nation has been waking up the nightmare that is leading the nation down the pathway to self destruction.  And at it’s core is the acceptance of corruption by placing self interest above the Golden Rules and Principles upon which this nation was born.   The Wall Street Protest and Tea Party Movement were triggered by the same human instinct.

Yes something is seriously wrong which makes my gut upset enough I have to do something about it though many may not know exactly what initially.

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption to Obtain Power and Control

Wall Street, Main Street and GOVERNMENT

And what is Amiss???

A mirror image is what is amiss and the fact we have duped ourselves into thinking the problem is with everyone else, especially any without a face!  Look in the mirror and what do we see?  Denial!!!

Wall Street looks like Main Street, Main Street looks like the Government, the Government looks like Wall Street and on every street corruption has been accepted as the normal way of life.  We have lost our way when it comes to moral judgement, justice, sin, values and the core building blocks upon which this nation was built.

For years there has been a secular progressive movement in this nation to remove all of the above from the law of the land.  If it feels good it must be good regardless of the outcome or consequence.  Each human is their own God lies at it’s core.  father, family and religion must be sacrificed at the altar of the secular progressive humanism movement.

Have we and are we cutting off our own legs as we grope about in the darkness of our self created and centered mess?  Have we compromised the most sacred and valued principles for which our founding fathers were willing to sacrifice blood, property, wealth and life?

Ask yourself!!!!!!  What are the values I am willing to sacrifice my life for?

Ask yourself!!!!!  Have I been willing to compromise the values of my family, my own values, those of my religion or those of the founding fathers of this Nation where I am supposed to be free?  Am I really free or does my government own me?

Perhaps many no longer even know the values and principles which made this Nation a Light unto the world!  Ask yourself – do I know the values and principles of the founding fathers?

The 99 versus the 1.  People not Corporations.  Anyone know what a Corporation is?  Does a Corporation exist without people and laws created by people before it an exist.

Is this a nation of the People, by the People and for the People?  Could it be the secret to solving the crisis of 2011 resides in an awakening of the people that they have rights which must be balanced with responsibility.  When responsibility is passed on to some other to take care of us we place our rights in their hands.  Who is ready to hand their rights off to a government or corporation obsessed with political correctness?

People have God given rights and with those rights come equal or a balance of responsibilities!

The Wall Street Protesters are protesting the greed of corporations as if corporations do not represent regular people and impact lives!  Has anyone asked who or what a corporation is?  Could a corporation be a group of factory workers, school teachers, private persons, retired persons who worked all their life, fire fighters, police, people who fought in wars, civil servants local, state and federal????

Perhaps what folks are really upset about is who, why and how are the winners and losers in life decided.  A better definition might be corruption at every level of society.  On Wall Street, on Main Street and yes in the Government.

Look in the mirror of truth – one might find corruption there!

The founder and framers of our constitution understood well the power and influence of corruption.  So they worked to create and yes they prayed for guidance to create documents, statues, laws and a constitution that would balance corruption.

Is anyone awake in 2011 as cries go out across the nation complaining about greed which is more accurately and clearly defined as corruption.  Corruption that will take up residence at every level of society and will `.

To solve the self made crises we encountering in 2011 this nation, as a people must begin the task of looking back at the principles which bring corruption back in balance.

Want the answers to our Nations self made crises?  One will not find it in Political Correctness.  Where does one need to look?

Perhaps the founding documents of this nation hold the secret formula we are so desperately searching for?  When is the last time we the people studied those documents?

Could the solution exist within the people, particularly a people willing to balance their individual rights with their individual responsibility.

When responsibility is removed from the equation, it is replaced with an entity that begins to operate as King and Lord over all.

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