To Haleigh

You have blessed me with treasures and visions of beauty beyond those I could dream of.  I pray one day I can bring as much joy and beauty to your life as you have to mine.

From the time you were a baby before you could walk and talk I knew God had graced you with marvelous motherly instincts.  The gentle way you took care of your dollies and yet even more spectacular was how you looked after your baby sister as if she was your own child.  How could one so young have these instincts unless it was a gift from God.  You are going to make the best mom some day.

I will never forget the day your uncle Troy brought his first daughter to our house.  You already knew the hoped for treasure she could be.  The excitement I saw in your eyes and your sisters and how the two of you encircled that new baby like.  She was going to become your new best friend forever.  Someone you could play and share life’s journey with.

The hope of that moment still lives in my heart!  I pray you will never let the bumps in life ever diminish the innocence and purity of your spirit for love of family.

I pray one day God will bless with the opportunity to encounter the joy of that moment that will always live in my heart!

I love you.


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