To Taylor

You are a joy to my heart and a treasure sent form heaven with a sense of humor to boot!  God knew we needed a love button and you are it.  Taylor (Tay Tay) with a “H” for Hug me and I will hug you back!  And though you probably grown tied of hearing it, your as close to a spiting image of your grand mother as you can get.  You are more like my wife’s sister than her grand child.

I still remember the day your folks brought you our house when you were first learning to walk.  You stopped on the drive way and had bent down to look at something on the ground for what seemed an eternity.  There you were chest against knees like only toddlers can do.  I had to find out what was it that caught your imagination.  So I came over and bent down (as I could chest to knees) to see if could discover what had captured your imagination.  Almost unseen was the tiniest ant I think I ever saw crawling across the concrete.

You helped me discover again the beauty and mystery of God creation that unfolds before unseeing eyes.  You give me moments that are etched in my mind forever.  Thank you for the beauty you bring to my life.

Oh how we wish you could come to our house and stay over more often.  Only problem for me, is I lose my sleeping bed unless you make a pallet on the floor when your sister and brother stay over as well.

And that wonderful smile, look at me I hit the ball but I am not gonna run!  Someday, I will get that chance to watch you run to first base – maybe when we visit in heaven.

I love you!

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