The Lass

The curly locks of a pretty young girl’s hair, the smile of the young lass who is reaching out to greet us with an outstretched hand holding a beautiful flower.

Her hat, her coat and her dress, ah the whole essence of her being cause one to pause for the briefest of moments.

If only we can pause long enough to take it all in, we might per chance. notice the flowers delicate pedals that carry the flowers true beauty.

Pedals that symbolize the tenderness of our very own innermost being, the place we allow no one to visit, a place our human nature buries below a surface of a hardened core – a place we call our house.


She clings to a lamp post we might not have noticed or the oversized

coat of the Father.  The lamp post holds the light for the whole world to

see, the warmth and protection of the fathers coat,  if only they pause long enough to look and open the doorway to the our heart.

We scarce can take it all in, that we might even hear the sweet whisper that flows from her lips as it caresses the soul of all those whom she meets.

She can never be avoided but her image and the message can be blocked by the coarseness of the passageway to the heart.

This beautiful lass has taught me there is always plenty of room to inside the room of the heart and I have learned and come to love her so!

Each is called by name not in jest – but for a true conversion of heart.

For as each one encounters the lass, each is called, grace will abound and be found in compassionate love with the potential to heal and wipe away every tear of disgrace.

The question at last must be asked – have you ever seen the girl?

Love is communicated through the welcoming images of creation as they penetrate the eye.


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