The Size of the Room

It can be fun to find the things that go through the spirit of the mind.

Over the past months I have withdrawn to be consumed and found locked in a room.

After months of persistence and strain, I grew tried and weary and called out in pain to the voice in the room.

There is discovery there for one with passion to bare.

There seemingly alone, yet consumed by a dream of a bush all aflame, I was consumed by the flame only to remain.

Although seemingly walking alone, I opened my heart to the risk and chance to join in a new dance.

There sweet music filled the room and I became aware of the immense size of the room.

Finally I paused and crawled into a tree and the memory of an angel visited me there.

The need to embrace and caress while smelling the essence of her hair served to make  me more fully aware.

I long to hear her sighs, her coo echo’s in my ears and her smile melts my heart.

Her lips turned upside down, instantly bring tears to my eyes and melt my heart.

Crushed, I discovered anew a longing and yearning for the angle who visited there.

Out of fear of my withdrew, I called out anew for a way to encounter a fresh breath of angle air that crawled into my room when I was barely aware.

Perhaps more simple to say, I miss you this day and fear you may no longer visit this room.

The heart is the room and amazing to say there is always plenty of room for angel air in the room.  So why did this happen to me and the angle pass through?

The message is clear, in the sounds of music passing through the room the angel deposited there.

The answer is buried in the infinite flame of the spirit who calls us home, to engage in the struggle to smuggle the great hidden tenderness of love and mercy buried there out of the room.

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