Prison Walk

As I walk amidst the wounded from the field of battle within our culture, I asked a couple young inmates if they had anything they wanted to pray for tonight????

One young inmate said he had 4 kids ages 6 and 7.  I repeated what he said because I thought I heard wrong. I asked about the mother. That’s when he told me the children were from four different girls. The kids are being raised by the grand parents. Wow do they need our prayers. The young man has a tear tattoo on the lower corner of his left eye.

Another asked to pray for his daughter who is age two. When I asked I was told the mother is not part of the family. She is in another kind of prison I thought to myself!

These young people should still be just kids to me.

Who drove prayer out of our schools? Who seeks to remove God from everything? Who clings to the destruction of life before it arrives? Who remains silent while so many seek to silence the voice of the tear that speaks for a young man who does not know what to say or how to pray!

If there appears some intensity to my writing or when I speak from time to time — forgive me — the voice of that tear I hear penetrated my soul and I could not hold it in!

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