Rejection and the Cross

The mystery of rejection and the cross.

Holiness is found when one makes a trip to look into the eyes of the rejected, struggling, lost, forsaken, sick, lonely and those crying out for hope.

It listens to the stories of heartbreak and pain. It stands as a witness to the judgement of men and rejection of men. It listens to the unspoken word which cries out because it is unable to articulate the cause of the anguish encountered.

Yet in amazement a spirit willing to accept rejection begins to recognize the inner spirit is instinctively creating a depth of unrest and a thirst from within that moves the spirit to the opening of a doorway that reveals a pathway to the destination it unknowingly seeks to satisfy the purpose of the journey begun long ago – an encounter with the love of a creator who did not make a mistake in the beginning.

Come follow me and you will find yourself!

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