The Words of Hope & The Signs in the Midst of Chaos! 12/02/2012

December 2, 2012  1st Sunday of Advent

In today’s scripture readings the church is encouraging us to on alert, awake and ready.  We are to be aware and prepared for the Day of the Lord.

We are being asked and encouraged to look for signs.  Let me ask what signs are we watching and waiting for??  Well what signs are we looking for?

Have we noticed on this very day the nations on earth appear to be in dismay!  Just a month ago a historic terrible inland frontal storm merged with a fast moving tropical storm full of blowing wind and a raging seas which overwhelmed the land.  Homes and neighborhoods were destroyed and great cities brought to their knees.

Our nation is facing an economic fiscal cliff the size of which I doubt the very best economist can fully discern.  The language of economic deception is constantly being perfected.  One can find themselves overwhelmed with so many simultaneous signs in surrounding us this day.  Is this the time?  Are we living in the Day of Lord?

Listen to the words of hope,  Jeremiah speaks to the people Israel during a troubled times.  An invasion was coming.  The people would be lead into captivity and slavery.  Yet knowing exile was not far off Jeremiah assured the people Israel God would keep his promises in good times and bad.

The Day of the Lord:

The Day of the Lord – it is the Day we are hoping and longing for, a day of salvation, the day of our redemption.

We should never doubt the world is working overtime to distract us and convince us!  The world teaches our salvation is to be found through the portal of a new secular progressive agenda!  It is  reaping the benefits of advanced technologies and imaging that deflect and remove our focus from the spirit of truth into a sphere of rationalization, relativism and self gratification which distorts spiritual truth.


Beware your hearts not become drowsy from carousing and drunkenness and the anxieties of life.  Scripture is warning us about our spiritual welfare being subverted by human condition which seeks to play god.

What is the portal to eternal life we should be looking for?  Where do we look, Where will we find it?  Who can help us find it?

Clues Present:

Here are some clues.  Yep, things are a mess in our nation and in the world.  It is happening right now today and if this nation does not turn back to godly ways scripture suggest it may well get much much worse.

What are we to do?  Stand erect and raise your headsDo not be fooled by the world!  The truth is the truth always and one who thirsts and long for the truth will seek and find it!  The truth is not found in the new portal of technology or progressivism.  The truth will be found by those who are vigilant at all times with an awareness the world seeks to distract with the lures of indulgence, drunkenness and caring about the false reality invading the world.

Be vigilant at all times, do not let your guard down.  And pray and pray and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations wishing to engulf your soul.

Do not let the words carousing and drunkenness be confined or limited to bar hopping and boos.  Carousing and drunkenness are any activities that subject one rationalization – I can still  to here my catholic grade school nun teach us about the word rationalization.  It is a word that describes the process of circumventing the truth with untrue.  It seeks to avert a confrontation with the truth and affirm a self serving point of view.

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