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The Rights of the People: The Choice:

The Potential of a Blank Piece of Paper:

A blank piece of paper is empty.  It openly awaits and serves as pure potential to inscribe a message yet written to communicate thoughts hidden in ones mind.  It has no history, values, principles, rules or guidelines.  It is an opportunity to sort through ideas, hopes, and dreams while entering the battleground of discovering  and engaging with the spirit of Truth!

Modern man and America are at War with the Truth!  It is a War between the creature and the creator.   It is the War explained “In the Beginning” and just who owns the “Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil”!  A story that precisely provides a God given basic Truth called “Free Will”!

Spirit and flesh who is in control?  Emotions and logic who is in control?  Yes it is the War between the Spirit and the Flesh!!  Who is winning in 2022?  Yes it sure looks like the Flesh – yes the Flesh appears to be winning!

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Oh yea and then there was this Declaration of Independence and Constitution paper thing!  And just what does it say?  Not your opinion or mine!  At what cost were those words written on a blank piece of paper? Just exactly what do the words placed upon a blank sheet of paper say?  And and does modern man have a clueBlood the cost humans were willing to pay – real blood and real tears!  Hearts torn not just a little!  Should we even pay any attention to these words in 2022?  Or do modern humans have insights sufficient to throw away the words written on a blank paper many years and generations ago?

One Flesh – United – Do we any longer have any Idea what it Means:

Are all people are created “Equal”!  Are we confused?  The word on the Blank paper is “Equal” not “Equitable”Endowed by the “Creator” not manIndividual Rights No Government may infringe upon!  Am I allowed to speak these words today which were long ago written on a blank paper?  Does our modern government now support a new religion based upon the creature versus creator?  Seems so!  The “Pronoun” Religion — Prohibited by sacred words written long ago!  Who is being sacrificed at the altar of the Pronoun Religion?

The Pronoun Religion has been Elevated to the Status of Law:

Some assume this was written for the reader, when in fact the written Word carries the Spirit of Life / Truth for which I was created in the first place.  It’s desired destination is the eyes and ears of those who I love even tough many may demand that I not speak!  No more sermons from Jesus Christ was clearly communicated through His crucifixion long ago!

To my Grand Children:

My spirit cries out – sometimes in real tears!  Before you were born and even as you were formed in your mothers womb the God of Life was shed to assure that the spirit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were birthed as well!

Least Understood is the Pursuit of Happiness:

Life provides the opportunity to search and discover ancient Truths.  Your spirit cries out from deep within searching to discover the gifts buried within your body and soul!  Precisely and Uniquely your own at the moment of conception – the implantation of your soul hidden in your body.  A closely guarded secret by to those who seek to replace the creator with self.    The secret of happiness is found in the creators spirit of Truth!  It was for this Truth I was destined to reveal!  I would gladly give my life so you might encounter the mystery of life and the fountain source where the the thirst for happiness is found!

The War of Good versus Evil from Antiquity Continues

From this formerly blank paper leaps hope the tears I shed from the collision of God’s Truth with the demons who sought from the “Beginning” to lead humanity to replace the owner of that Tree in the Garden with Man himself.  If Man owns the Tree then the Spirit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness lead mankind down the road to hatred and division – clear symptoms of the Satan’s War is being successfully waged against the creator’s Plan for the Salvation of man!

Where Hope Hides:

Yes it is!  It is buried in your soulYou were born for this day and this particular War.  As Jesus told His disciples every time he encountered them — “Do not be afraid and Peace be with you“!  Turn your Spirit to me, I am at your side always and yes faith and trust are the gifts freely given for you to find your way Home!  Yes God loves you and yes He does – He calls you by your most beloved name!

Time = Treasure – Give it Away:

Went to prison today. It has become a routine event for me. I always wonder what do I have to offer?

Can’t take my cell phone or wallet or keys and such into prison. Pretty much all I have is me and this spirit hiding in a small piece of bread and somehow talks to me. Real presence is really real!

Time: A gift: A Treasure:

Yep! All I can say is I have something for you and that I believe! Hope and grace are transmitted without speaking a word! Love is communicated in the gift of time!

Finding Truth is Hard Work – Tools are Needed:

Truth is found when a search begins in earnest to find the depths of ones soul! It hides itself from automatic detection – one needs a pick, ax and shovel to dig into the muddy mess below the surface!

What News Media Do we Look for Truth?

A thirsty soul can detect the smell of water hidden below the misleading chaos of the earth. And when one finds it they will roll for joy in the mud of freedom found in the truth! And amazingly they will be ready to die as they proclaim that truth! So what News Media do you think I depend upon to help me find truth???

Modern Truth – Man is God and Love is Self Gratification!

Seems modern day truth and love is whatever one wants it to be! Shut up if you disagree – each is god don’t you see?

And just what is love – happiness right? There was this guy who claimed he came to testify to the truth! He told stories that made people have to listen before they could figure out what the truth in the story was? Some seethed with anger and vowed to find a way to shut him up! He told them the truth will set you free! Many would have none of his message and to shut him up nailed him to a tree!

Who is willing to show that kind of love Today and speak the truth!

The world is opposed to the truth and many have declared themselves god – and redefined God’s design as tough they can recreate themselves into anything they want to be! And gone so far as to call God’s teaching hate language!

Gosh I am amazed at how easily so many people today have accepted the world view of love rather than the guy they are nailing to the tree and then claim I am a good person & I am a Christian!

God didn’t make a mistake when he created people in their mothers womb! Recreation begins when one begins chasing happiness rather than truth and love!

That guy nailed to a tree he sure was mean – how dare he speak of truth and love!?

Who has control of your world? Emotions or Logic?

Completed Orientation Training so I can continue to enter prison and share the Gospel of Good News! Our modern day prison is full of throw away people! Hym – symbolic of our throw away society! They serve as keys with the potential to begin to open understanding of the brokenness of our modern day sophisticated, so called compassionate and politically correct culture has inflicted upon us as it continues to fails us all!

Most don’t want to see them or know the story of how they ended up there! A prison is full of emotions often on the edge of explosion. Last week I was not allowed in prison because it was in lock down. Emotions alone create unrest and danger! To hear the Good news one must venture beyond emotions to engage the mind and spirit so one can discover the gifts of logic that can lead one to faith and answers that save!

Which Prison has Stronger Bars – A Prison or the World?

I have been visiting a State prison for ten years now. Anything I bring in I am required to carry in a clear plastic see through bag. I am searched at the guard gate. I can only carry in my ID, car key and clear bag which is also run through a scanner along with my shoes, belt and glasses. Then I must walk through a scanner, pull out my front and back pockets and pull up my pant legs. Only then can I put myself back together again. Even with all this – bad stuff happens in the prison. It is not uncommon for the prison to be in lock down and I would not be allowed in. If lock down happens while I am there I will not be allowed to leave.

Do we really want to model our schools after a prison? Do we still have the ability and courage to ask the deeper questions about the failure of those in authority whose primary task it is to protect and teach how to navigate the real world of emotions, feelings and balance them with the courage of wisdom willing to search for the cause of the human breakdown and failure so our children may come to understand the lessons taught by Cain and Abel?

Emotions run high in a prison and they are running high in our land! I wonder what we are teaching our children? Emotions are a gift and serve a vital purpose -> send us on a search for wisdom and understanding!

We have an awful lot of unanswered questions about leadership failures of adults in authority! How can a gun law work – when responsible adults knowingly do not report serious problems, if known could have prevented the problem in the first place. And why do we refuse to allow well trained brave people willing to sacrifice themselves defend themselves? When will we ask these questions with equal intensity?

I wonder if modern man has the capacity to use the gift of logic and wisdom or has our modern world of reality TV world of instant gratification and answers over ridden our capacity to search the depths of our soul?

I wonder if we are being manipulated by those who support an agenda to make a “Change we can believe in” without clearly defining the “Change”. Are we going to let our emotions trap us in a prison?

I am a Father and a Grand Father. It is my God given duty and responsibility to protect and defend my children. Our founding Fathers were wise men who understood the lessons of Cain and Abel.

Designed to Balance on a Spiritual Scale:

Mercy and Justice

A pair = one flesh that cannot be separated without taking the life of the other. Mercy and justice are like a married couple of one man and one woman. The difference is what makes possible the creation of new life and the possibility of redemption. God created a balance that humans cannot escape without creating a mess! Will humanity ever turn to the spirit of the one who said these words? “Forgive them Father they know not what they do!” In those words lies the secret to humanity finding the way out of a self created darkness into the real possibility of hope! Can we overcome the magnetic field of selfie worship that seeks to isolate us as it strips away the balance that holds mercy and justice together?

Will Emotion Override and Cloud the Spirit’s Path to Logic and Truth?

I listened to a young man pour out his emotions as he spoke on TV about the terror and trauma he experienced during the mass shootings that took place at the Parkland High School in Broward County, Florida.   It was gut wrenching to listen to.  My heart was torn as I listened as his words.  It caused me think of my own children and grand children.

Emotions are a vital part of our human condition.  More than that they are truly a gift from our creator.  Emotions serve as the only source capable of taking a human on a journey to the core of our soul where we encounter our human values.  But more importantly, they take us on a journey so we can see ourselves face to face as in a mirror.  It is as if we must be dragged kicking and screaming into a Garden long ago set aside as the place where blo0d is sweat as the human heart engages the battle where emotions attempt to drive us away from looking into the mirror of truth.  Said another way, emotions seek to focus on a simple solution rather than confront the ancient symbolism hidden in a seamless garment.  The truth of the temple of our soul is intimately connected to the human search for the purpose of a people so loved they have been granted free will.  The pain of emotions can distort truth as one who seeks to avoid the journey to the only source with the potential to wash the human family clean and make us whole again.

Hold on to that image of the seamless garment for within it’s creation lies the secret of one who is willing to offer up life as the price of penetrating the human heart and restoring mobility to a stiff neck!  The truth found in the blood found on the ground speaks to a hope beyond measure!

Here in this mirror lies a treasure, a gift from our creator where the real possibility exists to confront and overcome human natures original sin!  Sin the modern world seeks to ignore and worse deny!  In this mirror the image and likeness of our creator one cannot  ignored or escape!  The source of truth is dimly lit to a new arrival and the values buried within are designed to lead us to the truth in the beginning hearken to a soul thirsting and longing for an answers!  Here in this garden of agony one encounters the potential to ingest the breath of ancient truths again as in the first time.  Emotions erupt from deep within our gut as they crawl upward into our heart and mind creating the only unrest that can open the door that can lead to the search for hope we can find again the sacredness and treasure of life!  The question is  will take the time necessary to endure the journey to the core of our soul where we can encounter the spirit and wisdom that created us.  It is in the deeps of our soul where emotion can be balanced with the gifts of logic, wisdom, understanding of the purpose of the creator’s plan that calls people to freely choose the journey with the potential usher in real hope for a healthy human family.

A gun on the other hand is just metal and cold.  It has no spirit, no emotions and cannot make a decision.  It can not pick itself up, load itself or pull it’s trigger.  It lacks warmth or breath.  A gun has no emotions and cannot reflect upon anything that happens to it or it’s impact on any living being.  Why are we investing so much time on an inanimate object with no potential to save us?

As I listened to this young man, I too was sent on a journey to the core of my soul and began to ask the spirit in the mirror questions.  Who was this young man who picked up that gun?  What happened to him?  Who were his parents and how did he get that gun?  What questions are being asked about this young man and his environment?  Guns were allowed in school when I was a kid and this kind of event never took place.  What has changed?

Can we examine the seamless garment without being executed?  Do we really have an understanding of who we were created to be?  Is our focus on an inanimate object or the core of the soul of humanity?

If you made it thus far, will you come with me on a journey through the flawed memories of a child beginning to digest and grasp at the seamless garment and how it runs through the whole of humanity where not a single soul is without impact?

Is anyone willing to ask, have all the political attacks over the past several years on the police had an impact?  he alone the associated demand for body cameras?  Have we  pushed our policemen into political correct precautionary non life saving behaviors?  Someone with courage needs to be willing to ask?  Have our emotions and power agendas overridden our ability to have courage under fire?

How about the violence in so many neighborhoods?  How about the self inflicted wounds of gender-ism?  Isn’t the DNA we are born with the DNA we will die with?  Did God make a mistake when he created us?  Is there something else in play?  Have we now declared ourselves to be God?  How about the breakdown of families?  How about the destruction of life for those who cannot speak?  How about a feminist movement that does not include mothers?  How about the stripping of a mans ancient obligation to the mother and their children?   In the beginning God created man and woman and it was good.  The two became one flesh.  Abortion kills not only the child but the father for the two are no longer one flesh!

Do we have any real men in political life?

Why are so many people today taking drugs for everything?  Why are TV commercial’s full of advertisements for new drugs?  Does a pill correct every situation?  Do our brain’s work any more?  Why do we want to stop letting boys be boys?  Why are so many young men in prison and why are they so angry with their parents?  Why are we afraid to ask these questions?

When I was a kid we allowed prayer to be taken out of school about the time I finished.  We allowed abortion to begin to flourish at about the same time.   Why do our politicians support the abortion of 60 million babies and then insist we need 60 million immigrants?

Does anyone recognize the abortion decision declared a death sentence on a father’s right to protect his children?  Do gun free so called safe zones override the right of a father to protect his child from a principal whose policies do not report crimes which undermines the law intended to keep guns out of the hands of individual’s with histories of violence?  Are our police and sheriff’s bullied by the politically correct and unwittingly unleashed the violent and mentally unstable on society.  Has politics destroyed common sense?  Have we become so smart and tolerant that we are now become our own worst enemy?  Have we declared that sin is dead and people are just misunderstood?

Have we allowed a judge to override the voice of the people?  Have we allowed a judge to declare the father of a child has no rights even in a marriage?  Why do we want to destroy men and the potential father many are created to become?  What has this done to our children and does anyone care what the the impact is on children and family?  Is anyone looking at the success of children brought up in a traditional family versus the new so called norm?

About the time I was just a kid contraception exploded.  I thought it was good!  Has anyone opened their eyes lately?  Is sex no longer about children?  Have we advertised the impact of contraception on the human breakdown of the family?  Divorce has sky rocked.  Single parenthood in many neighborhoods is 70% and higher.  What is the emotional cost and impact on children from all of these changes?  Our prisons are overflowing with angry, upset young men most from single parents homes.  Discipline in schools is major growing problem.

Are we in denial about the nature of our humanity and natures use of hormones?  Do we not know what takes place year in and year out in natures survival of life?  In many parts of our world cultures are approaching self annihilation because of the refusal to birth children.  Anyone talking about the death of Christianity by those who [profess to be Catholic’s and Christians.  Who has muted the voices of our Bishops and Religious leaders?

Has anyone noticed the changes that have taken place over the years in Hollywood, TV, movies, entertainment and video game industry.  Do they glorify violence and shoot em up adventures?  Is promiscuous and raw sex displayed as normal?  How about the impact of the internet, the smart phone and sexting?  And what about the explosion of porn – the objectification of women, children and sex?

We have become a people who lack the courage to ask ourselves tough questions!  What is the stumbling block that prevents us from asking the tough questions that affect people with the potential to pick up and use a gun?  Why are we so afraid to ask these questions?

What is a safe zone?  Shouldn’t a mothers womb the safest zone every created.  Ask a small kid?  Who is the enemy of that zone?  Is it a gun or is it man?

Aren’t a mother and a father supposed to be the protectors of their children with the duty and responsible to assure their safety?  Who overrode those parental rights?  Why do we entrust our children to people who have allowed the children to run the school?   What system or systems in Broward County failed the students and faculty in that school?  Do we not know our government has encouraged the non reporting of violent crimes in schools?  If you see something – say something!  Did that work?  And what is the FBI doing these days – does anyone know?  So how can a system based upon reported crimes prevent someone from purchasing a gun when the system rewards non reporting?  Have emotions overtaken and all bet eliminated logic and leadership?

My brother tried every kind of drug while he was in college.  He took his own life!  So we ant to legalize pot!  Emotion has overridden logic!  What about all the drugs people are using today?  Is anyone paying attention?  Can we ask?  What is the drug overdose rate today?  Does anyone notice all the drug commercials on TV?  What is our society selling – a quick fix – just take a pill?

And we have just entered the arena of social media and new technology?  What about social media?  Will the children of the future develop social skills to interact with people face to face?  What again about the deterioration of the family and why is it children with a mother and father are so much more successful on average?   Do we have the courage to ask the questions that we get to the heart of the problem or have our emotions trapped us in a dialogue with a gun issue?

Folks, we have a culture problem.  Our values are in the toilet!  It’s time for our emotions to take on a trip back to source when we look ourselves in the mirror of truth so the door of hope is opened and we can begin again to reach for the full potential of the gift of life!

Finally, does anyone know that true love will piss of an awful lot of people?  Didn’t the people of his own family take the one who came to testify to the true to a cross?  Weren’t they jealous and envious of his courage to speak the truth?  And they didn’t like the way he preached because it forced them to look into the mirror of truth!  So I ask, do we modern day sophisticated people really want to hear the good news or do we just want happy talk?

Self examination in the deeps of ones soul is where forgiveness and healing begin.  Love one another as I loved you!  Lord have mercy!

Advent and Brood Vipers in 2016-2017


This is Advent, a time to prepare for the coming of the light into the world. We hear from the John the Baptist to the religious of his day. You “brood of vipers” (Luke 3: 7)! Wow what a way to begin. How courageous was John willing to confront those who considered themselves the leaders of his day. Do we have any “brood of vipers” operating in our world today? Are we willing to speak the truth where people can hear?

John was preparing the way for the one who came to save us from ourselves. John was willing to risk everything including his head for the one who was willing to die for all sin!

“Sin” a political correctness taboo word in the modern world!

Do we have a brood of vipers working in our world today? Could it be even some who profess themselves as Christians? Some willing to silence the voice of anyone who proclaims a truth the world of political correctness wants to discredit!

Would our world behead John the Baptist today? Would our world seek to silence and crucify Jesus today?

The answer lies in our hearts! What truth do we accept or reject?

Come Lord Jesus! Make haste! We are in deep trouble! Open our hearts so your light of truth may be shine into our darkness, reveal the truth, loosen our stiff necks, so we each can use our spiritual eyes to see the world’s agenda for what it is. Spread your light into every hidden dark place, so the wounds inflicted on every soul may encounter the only power that can heal all wounds! Make haste to redeem and make us whole again!

Fake News & the Christmas Blues

Fake news, fake news, the creators of the fake news are signing the Christmas blues! No one can hide in the darkness of the fake news, when soon the light that can not be extinguished will come to reveal the truth so carefully prepared in the darkness of fake light.

Oh fake news, fake news, the creators of fake news wine as the promised light will soon reveal the fake news is wrapped in the thin paper of self worship and idolatry. Little do the creators of fake news understand that even the spirit that lives in the fake news knows it has a doorway that can not be closed to the spirit of the light that is
coming into the world at Christmas to shine the light on all!

For the baby who came to one day testify to the truth is the only source which can save anyone open to the truth from the depression of the fake news blues.

Merry Christmas to all — yes even to the creators of the Fake News and it’s marriage to the blues! Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Snowflakes

A father who loves his children knows that from time to time he must disciple his children. A child knows discipline is love. It takes real wisdom and courage to be a father. He knows he will upset the apple cart and possibly create a significant emotional event. But a wise father knows there are no short cuts if he wants his children to grow up to be able to use fully their god given talents and a critical thinking capacity.

In our modern world we have many old and young children who are being described as snow flakes. They are each uniquely beautiful and they even sparkle like a stars. Yet a wise father knows they are trapped and have greater potential yet. For they are created of a special kind of fluid with the potential to create new life. He knows tough they are beautiful as a snowflake they could remain remain frozen,inflexible and incapable of creating new life outside themselves. Snowflakes are locked into a selfie state and must die before they can create new life!

A wise father knows he must create a kind of fire that will melt a snowflake thereby restoring it to it’s natural fluid state. Water the wellspring of new life when the breath of God passes over. A father who loves his children knows the action required may necessarily create a significant emotional event for the snowflake. After all he must find a way to generate the necessary internal heat and then stand back having faith the God who created humanity works wonders in the midst of a fire.