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USA – Roman Empire

The men of the Roman Empire conquered the world and ruled for over 200 years! What happened? The men got soft, starting living the good life, lots of food and all sorts of sex. Roman families stopped having children and imported aliens to serve them! The aliens realized the roman men were no longer strong men! The Roman men defeated themselves by being no longer willing to give themselves to the family and substituted family to be focused on filling their bellies and satisfying every sexual appetite! Ring any bells???

In Search of the Hearts Longing!

My heart took me for a long ride yesterday afternoon. Along the way I encountered a detour! My destination Bethlehem! Not to be lost on the journey is the reality and connection to the twists and turns when life jumps out from hiding in our blind vision.

A very long trip to willing watch a bunch of kids play basketball with hope of watching one child play. Then as the evening worn to discovered the purpose of the trip failed to satisfy the original intent. After asking a coach the dreamed child did not make the trip!

Failure is success for the heart knows no impediment or excuse derailed the hearts longing! The human story of rocky roads, detours and disappointment does not prevent the love of a father seeking to find the sheep of his flock who wonder down roads unseen!
So what’s stopping you from listening to the sounds of your heart encased in broken expectations and hardened by wounds unseen!

I invite you to come with me to Bethlehem where we will find there is no room in the inn! But our hearts will be softened and set free to offer our greatest gift!
You and I.