Time to Recover Our Voices and Language

The War (against God) is growing more intense.  The Secular progressives got the taste of blood, the world wide news of defeating Christians at every level has emboldened them.  To make matters worse Christian have been waking up to the secular progressive agenda and the confrontation has begun.  The threat of losing power has them frantic to shut up Christians by any method – the end justifies the means is acceptable.

The right to worship versus the truth = Freedom of ReligionNot what one does in church but how one lives ones life is at stake.

The attack on Religious Freedom in our day is alive and well.  Secular progressives call religious freedom discrimination and bigotry.  Shut them down and if that doesn’t work shut them up is the battle cry!

The redefinition of the use of Christian language and lets expand it on the idea of marriage.   Freedom of Religion can be used to discriminate!  Yea that’s the idea.  Lets depend upon Christians not knowing what is marriage is all about in the first place – it’s all about love — RIGHT?  Lets confuse what love means and truth has nothing to do with it.  It’s all about how it feels – it’s emotional – no logic – no restrictions – that’s not progressive.  Let have it our way – the human way – let eliminate God from the conversation.  The best way to do that is attack the oldest Christian Church – the Catholic Church.

Let’s see – what does the Catholic Religion teach about marriage?  Oh yea — two people / humans / who are open to the real possibility of the creation of children all by themselves – well with God’s help of course.

If these two people / humans are not open to the possibility of creating children themselves then marriage is not a possibility.  Well the secular progressives don’t want anyone ( especially the young who think it’s all about love)  to know that truth – well just shut your mouth.  Could it be it’s the children who have the right to the marriage and not the adults after all?  Let’s try and remember these are supposed to be mature people and they are making a life time commitment to each other and to the children they may create without a third person and it’s for life.

Let’s see – what does the bible say – In the beginning God created man.  Male and female he created them and it was good.  Together they became one flesh – they have reciprocal parts made to fit – bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh and it was good.  So again the basics – which set of two humans can create children without seeking the help of a third party?  Yep that would be a male and a female just like God said in the beginning –> the required pair needed to form a marriage.

So if in practicing ones religion takes place in every day life outside of worship services, one would find oneself in a scandalous situation of being forced to support the marriage of a man and woman that are openly opposed children oh what must I do?  That would be based upon having arrived at informed conscientious.  I should decide I can not support or participate in such a marriage.  This is not discrimination or bigotry – it is freedom of religion as is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

So if two people of opposite sex can create a scandal could two people of the same sex do so as well?  Lets examine – can the two of them alone create children?  So heavens name then why would the government find it necessary to require people of faith to honor this odd arrangement of marriage?  It would force participation one into scandalous behavior – God created those who claim to be gay and lesbian as male and female and it was good.  The have every right a straight couple has!  But they want more.

We Christians need to recover our courage and defend the language (words) of faith.  The Secular progressives are not God and do not have authority to change the meaning of words to fit their progressive self driven agenda.

The battle had just begun and we Christians need to wake up to the stealth war raging in our culture.

We are called to love one another and we do so by being truthful with one another.

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