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Gut Level Reactions – The Spirit is Talking to the Brain!

Gut level reactions! They are a gift from God. It is God’s way for the spirit that lives within to speak to the body – to tell the body a treasured value has been violated. Some conclude the treasured value must be correct and can not be challenged. However, God gave us the story of salvation history to teach us the truth.

Our values are set while we are children. Just how mature are we as children? God understands our humanity and knows we can not examine our values again unless a gut level reaction takes place that sets us on a serious journey for the cause of the upset!

Jesus Christ came to testify to the truth and told us the truth would set us free (from the constraints of our humanity). Jesus traveled about preaching, teaching and healing. Ask yourself!!!!!!!!!! What was the reaction of the people of his day??? When they came to understand the Good News message he was spreading what did they do???

They plotted to shut him up! They plotted to trick him! They plotted to use the laws of their day to have him shut up by destroying him! We know the gut level reaction of many in his day was to crucify him in a way to shut anyone else up who might dare to speak the Good News he was sent to testify.

And what did his best buddies do? They abandoned him and hide. But hidden in the story is the gut level reaction that took place even in those who failed as a result of his faithfulness. The gifts of the spirit hidden within his friends ultimately worked it’s way to the surface and transformed them! The Spirit touched them and they immediately embarked upon a journey to spread the good news in the midst of a culture that thought it had shut him up!

We are living in a culture that is the midst of an upheaval of gut level reactions. It might just be wisdom to reflect upon the story which communicates cost and price of true freedom brought by one willing to die that we might have the hope true freedom and life everlasting!

P.S. last night in prison, one of the inmates was informed just before he came to the Catholic service, he was unexpectedly going to be set free the end of August 2018. Now I have to tell you that triggers the spirit hidden in the words “Lord Have Mercy”!!!

Pray for our Nation and our people, especially those so caught up in a gut level reaction that the spirit of wisdom and healing is tied up so tight the ability heal the brokenness of humanity is blocked. Remember the words – forgive them father they know not what they do! Lord have Mercy!