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Hidden in the Prison Story:

I never know what I will encounter or learn when I visit the prison. 5:30 nobody shows, 6:30 nobody shows, Well Lord why am I here today? I guess I am here so you can teach me to wait and wonder why am I here? Some special am I with no one to share and fewer who care! So what is it you have for me today? 7:10 PM and arrive 2 inmates I have never seen before. One so nervous he couldn’t sit still! The other stumbled all over his words. Are you Catholic I asked? Maybe, said the stumbler, but I don’t remember much, I have done so many drugs! So I asked and listened! What are looking for? Words jumping out of a frying pan I began to discern he was looking and searching to find in a mixed up puzzle who the heck am I? So many gather in big groups in religion but are unable to get answers calling from within the scrambled mess life, drugs and people, especially those who profess faith yet unreachable from the whirlwind holding the mind captive! A fried brain cannot stop the spirit within from crying out – who am I, why am I here, and what am I searching for? The image of God, no matter the darkness surrounding cries out as it seeks to be reunited with the source of it’s creation! The nervous one could not stop wondering around as in a search for a place to rest! Lord Have Mercy – who am I to even hope somehow I penetrate a darkness consuming those who seek escape, freedom, and find a purpose formed while traveling through the fire which seeks to extinguish the flame of life more abundant! Hidden in this story is the hope hidden in your soul with the saving power of love as you wait for the opportunity to set love free to heal wounds unseen!

Prison and Waiting!!!

Went to prison again! Waited, waited, waited! Wondered and asked am I here just to be all alone? Well a great benefit am I with no one but myself to talk to. Then when I finally gave up – well kinda went to sleep – they started coming! Why did you come said I. Why are you here? What are you looking for? What is your name? Are you catholic? Well 50% is not so bad!
Oh how long ago was that you last went to church? Oh you were ready for the ceiling to fall! What did you say drugs did to you? Say that again! The folk’s just aren’t paying any attention!
Say that again! Oh you got in serious trouble! Hummmmm!

Gut Level Reactions – The Spirit is Talking to the Brain!

Gut level reactions! They are a gift from God. It is God’s way for the spirit that lives within to speak to the body – to tell the body a treasured value has been violated. Some conclude the treasured value must be correct and can not be challenged. However, God gave us the story of salvation history to teach us the truth.

Our values are set while we are children. Just how mature are we as children? God understands our humanity and knows we can not examine our values again unless a gut level reaction takes place that sets us on a serious journey for the cause of the upset!

Jesus Christ came to testify to the truth and told us the truth would set us free (from the constraints of our humanity). Jesus traveled about preaching, teaching and healing. Ask yourself!!!!!!!!!! What was the reaction of the people of his day??? When they came to understand the Good News message he was spreading what did they do???

They plotted to shut him up! They plotted to trick him! They plotted to use the laws of their day to have him shut up by destroying him! We know the gut level reaction of many in his day was to crucify him in a way to shut anyone else up who might dare to speak the Good News he was sent to testify.

And what did his best buddies do? They abandoned him and hide. But hidden in the story is the gut level reaction that took place even in those who failed as a result of his faithfulness. The gifts of the spirit hidden within his friends ultimately worked it’s way to the surface and transformed them! The Spirit touched them and they immediately embarked upon a journey to spread the good news in the midst of a culture that thought it had shut him up!

We are living in a culture that is the midst of an upheaval of gut level reactions. It might just be wisdom to reflect upon the story which communicates cost and price of true freedom brought by one willing to die that we might have the hope true freedom and life everlasting!

P.S. last night in prison, one of the inmates was informed just before he came to the Catholic service, he was unexpectedly going to be set free the end of August 2018. Now I have to tell you that triggers the spirit hidden in the words “Lord Have Mercy”!!!

Pray for our Nation and our people, especially those so caught up in a gut level reaction that the spirit of wisdom and healing is tied up so tight the ability heal the brokenness of humanity is blocked. Remember the words – forgive them father they know not what they do! Lord have Mercy!

The iDeacon and the iDove Blog

Seeking the Spirit of Truth!

This Blog was created to record an ongoing open dialogue and commentary concerning the events of today as they unfold in the world today.  It will focus on events as they relate to seeking and finding the truth.

The Ancient Story of the First battle (Spiritual Warfare)

It accepts as a reality the existence of the “Spiritual War” between the indwelling of the spirit within the human creature and the human creatures free will (i.e. the war between the Spirit and the Flesh).  It uses and reflects upon the ancient Story in the Book of Genesis as the basis of the Spirit of God communicating to humans from the very the beginning the existence of this ancient war.

Humanities Free Will wants to Play God

Simply put, it accepts as a reality from the very beginning God created humans with both a soul and free will.   Humans are created in the image of God while being confined to a human body grounded in water and the earth.

Gods purposely set us humans up for this confrontation.  It was not by accident or chance!  It surely added tension to all of human history even as it unfolds before us today.  During the journey here on earth, we human’s will be tempted to seek equality with God and yet by our human nature are mortally limited.

God’s design “To Be Tempted”

To be tempted is by God’s design!  It is a test to see what we will ultimately chose, who or what we will serve?  God’s design channel’s man down a path to prove humans are mortal and need to seek a higher authority to find what we call happiness and fulfillment of purpose!

The central question is — How will we mortal individuals handle the expected natural temptations that will come without question as we seek equality with God?

So how are we doing???  And just who is your God??

To be continued ….