Game Changer — Each person can be a Tea Party Leader

There has been no other movement like 2008 Tea Party Movement and it may well be this nations salvation.

The Tea Party has no single leader!  It is not a political party!  The Tea Party is a Spirit that seeks the Truth!  The Tea Party asks the basic questions?  Who did our founding fathers say we were?  Are we a government of the people, by the people and for the people?  If not who have we become or are we becoming?  Is this who we want to be?

The Truth is a spirit and it will set us Free!

We have hope even though none of the former great nations of the worlds past  lasted much longer than 200 years and the clock is running on the USA fast.  The good ole USA is operating on borrowed time.  Yet something has happened that was never possible before in history.

The Gap Knowledge & Truth

Never before in history has the Gap of information between the Leaders and the People evaporated so fast!

All previous great nations rose rapidly in power and greatness and then fell from within almost overnight.  Control over the people of these great nations was always a concern of their leaders.  The gap of awareness between those who were leading the common people grew during those final days.  In other words the ordinary people or citizens of previous great nations could not see the fall coming and therefore were powerless to take action to prevent it.

The Game Changer!!!!

In 2011 there is a potential Game Changer!  We call it the “Internet” and the “Cell Phone” which the ordinary citizen has access too!  In this nation declared to be of the people, by the people and for the people, the people finally have an ability to communicate with each other no other nation in the history of world ever had.

The Main (Lame Propagation) Stream Media of this great Nation is no longer trustworthy.  Objective Journalism has been replaced with behavior that reflects that of a propaganda agent with an agenda counter to the Liberty and Freedom of ordinary citizens.  Access to objective and truthful facts and information to make an fully informed decision is now possible without the News Media.   Some in the main stream media appear to have been bought and paid for by powers seeking control over the common people.

Something amazing has happened in the last few years.  The people began to wake up to the new reality of an anti Republic movement in our own backyard.  For years this nation fought against socialism and communism and now we have leaders wish to take this nation away from its roots.

As a result the game changing technology has exploded on the scene and the people are now able to stay abreast of what their leaders are doing behind the scenes.  Instantaneous communication with verifying video recordings are now common place.  Secret agendas are becoming more and more difficult to hide.

Leaderless people, who share common values have found new tools which enable the common people to share information, facts and verify misinformation quickly.

Behavior Scientist — Leadership Skills

The Tea Party Patriots have no single leader.  This is not supposed to work or be possible according to professors with Phd’s.  Yet within the Tea Party every patriot is a leader.  As a group they do not endorse political candidates.  They expect elected officials to let them down from time to time because Tea Party people realize everyone is human.

I am a patriot and a  Tea Party Leader.  Made the trip to Washington DC – 9/12/2009.

Bus load of people from Georgia.  We prayed for the president, congress and senate.  Marched to the capital.  Stood for fiscal responsibility, limited constitutional government and free markets.

Made the trip to the American Policy Summit held in Phoenix, Az on the second anniversary of the Tea Party movement 2/25-27/ 2011.

Boy have I been called a lot of names.  Homophobic, radical extremist, racist, and just plain out of control.

For for me, acknowledging that I am a Tea Party Patriot is to say I have finally woke up from a long political awareness winters nap.  I have discovered this nation has been drifting all my life away from the values and traditions I was taught as a child.  This did not begin with Barack Obama but it certainly has accelerated.  A Tea Party Patriot is simply someone who is working hard to re-discover who our founding fathers said we were, then trying to figure who we are now and then decide if that is who we want to be!   It’s really a very basic and patriotic thing to do!

To be continued …..

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