The War – The Racist – The Homophobic – The Truth

There are many casualties in the war between the flesh and the spirit.  Honesty and truth, the foundational source of freedom and charity are being sacrificed for power and control.

In the 1980’s and 90’s I worked among those with HIV and AIDS.  It was a time of fear.  Few were sure how the AIDS virus was spread.  Further those with the virus were almost exclusively homosexuals and now because I associated with the Tea Party I am called homophobic.

In the 1970’s at my first opportunity to select and promote people, my first choices were the first black female to be selected as an automation specialist and a black male as a trainer who was raised in Puerto Rico.  Yet today, because I associate with the Tea Party movement I am called a racist by both Presidents Carter and Clinton.

Have American’s gone completely to sleep in front of the TV in their air conditioned homes watching American Idol and then elected the first American Idol president without a clue of knowing what he was or what he meant by hope and change.  Blind Trust to without knowing what he meant when he said “we can believe in”.  He promised transparency and gave us backroom politics and crony capitalism.   He promised we the people would have time to read the 25,00 word health care legislation and he signed it in two days.  He promised he would be a new kind of leader who would bring the right and the left together to gain the best ideas and then promptly slammed the door on the right.  We won he said!

Yet he did speak one truth! — we are who we are looking for.  The founders of our nation knew they needed a system of government to balance corruption because they held deep religious convictions and values.  They knew it was humanities nature to fall into to sin.  They would not be surprised by this nations division and polarization today because the most critical component in the balance of power they created is the American people.  Unfortunately we the people went to sleep while we were falling  away from the fundamental practice of religion which in it’s many forms always calls one to seek the truth.

Yet there is hope for us!!!  From down deep in our gut the voice of truth began to shout out – wake up, wake up America!  Wake up now or very soon we will be taken captive and placed in bondage to secular humanistic anti-god government that knows what is best for us controls our freedoms.  This anti-god form of religion knows better than ourselves or our families or our Church’s.  The door for the next holocaust has been opened.  The baby boomers are ready to begin collecting social security from a system that is bankrupt.  They are ready to collect on the promises of medicare and medicaid that is also bankrupt.  All the while this nation is spending like drunken sailors with access to unlimited funds they are borrowing from and saddling the younger generations with paying the bills!

Imagine the maturity – our children are responsible for supposed to be adults actions.  Go figure!

To be continued …..

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