Modern Truth – Man is God and Love is Self Gratification!

Seems modern day truth and love is whatever one wants it to be! Shut up if you disagree – each is god don’t you see?

And just what is love – happiness right? There was this guy who claimed he came to testify to the truth! He told stories that made people have to listen before they could figure out what the truth in the story was? Some seethed with anger and vowed to find a way to shut him up! He told them the truth will set you free! Many would have none of his message and to shut him up nailed him to a tree!

Who is willing to show that kind of love Today and speak the truth!

The world is opposed to the truth and many have declared themselves god – and redefined God’s design as tough they can recreate themselves into anything they want to be! And gone so far as to call God’s teaching hate language!

Gosh I am amazed at how easily so many people today have accepted the world view of love rather than the guy they are nailing to the tree and then claim I am a good person & I am a Christian!

God didn’t make a mistake when he created people in their mothers womb! Recreation begins when one begins chasing happiness rather than truth and love!

That guy nailed to a tree he sure was mean – how dare he speak of truth and love!?

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