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The War: Between Spirit & Flesh: Emotions & Logic: Whose Winning?

Emotions are a gift from God. When they are sufficiently intense, they take one on a trip to core of one’s soul! There the voice of emotion cries out for answers buried deep down in the pit of one’s gut! Eventually the intensity of the cry triggers and drives the mind to begin a search every cell demanding all doors be opened so answers can be found!

This is the place where the spirit of grace can lead one to look into the mirror of truth often for the first time in a very long time. Gut values can be laid out on table in plain view and examined not by just the emotions but by the logic our creator granted in the beginning. But so very often logic is subjected and confined to a prison as if it is the last place one will find hope.

When is really thirsty for an answer, they will look into this mirror of truth and then must confront the starkness of logic of truth given as a gift as a balance to emotions that simply rush to satisfy immediacy of a crises without a balancing partner with sufficient logic to address most fundamental and basic causes of the crises.

Fix a thing can not address the spiritual war raging within a humans mind!

All the laws were in place! All the responsible people were in place! The intent and emotional promise of young people by our leaders nixed any balanced encounter between emotions and logic! Every part of the national and local system with advertised good emotional intentions failed to protect the children and needs to laid bare on a table to be inspected by logic.

This is a chance to begin to teach our children how to pour out logic and not just emotions after a crises occurs? Emotions alone have the potential to make us cry and the potential to bury logic locking the door and throwing away the key to answers for broken people, broken families, and if it feels good culture that seeks to bury us and our children in a selfie world!