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The Garden and the Constitution

Freedom to Consent – Worship God – Balance Powers of Corruption

It’s raining – Gods way of cleaning up and quenching the thirst of the earth for new life that lie dormant in the hearts of men..
The Constitution and the Garden – what do they have in common?
Seeds of God planted hidden from the beginning, tough many deny god exists. God’s nature is three in one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have eyes but can’t see! The church is a people who were given the great gift of free will. Humans created equal yet unique and different. All living within the laws of nature with God as the highest authority and Sovereign over al

The Nature of Man: How to control the nature of man who seeks the power of God symbolized in the tree of knowledge. Ah ha – how to Balance Power of a great many people created equal and to avoid the sins of man that manifests itself in democracy – majority rule the greatest of dangers? Thug politics is a better word.

Through the ages Wisdom found to control this beast required the consent of the people created equally and by separating Powers into equal branches of people attached to the same tree. Yet recognizing there is a fourth power – the consent of a people created equally yet knowing they were susceptible from the very beginning to corruption or sin.
These the words politicians hate the most (sin and corruption)!
We live in a nation that created a system that draws a people to behave in a manner that is in the best interest of men created equal with free will that grant consent while seeking to not violate the laws of nature and God who is recognized as the highest authority and granter of equality hidden in the spirit of every human.

The Founding Principles:

The Declaration of Independence provided the guidelines for the creation of the Republic of the United States of America.
With every right comes a duty. When the laws of nature and God are violated man suffers. Thou shall not kill is still valid.
Those who deny the laws of nature and God deny the very founding of the greatest and longest living nation in the history of world. Sadly many seek to destroy the light placed upon a hill for the world to see.
This nation was born out of the fear of men at logger heads, brought to their knees in prayer beseeching the only power capable of opening the minds of men to save them from their selves.
We need to pray for our nation which at war with itself.


Lord wash the hatred from the hearts of this free people and provide the assist necessary to bring us to our knees. Save us from the lust for power that is enslaving some to belittle, beat down and silence the spirit of truth!

The Devil went Down to Georgia

A faint sound ever so slight could only be heard with a special stethoscope. Yet this sound managed to escape into the consciousness of a whole people. This almost silent whisper sent rumblings that shook the foundations of the home of the prince of darkness. Beelzebub’s authority was shaken to the pits of hot ash. An alert throughout Hades was sounded as the minions hastily gathered to respond to the imminent crises.
How can this be? We can not allow it to stand! The audacious thought that people not only have the right but a sacred duty to confront malicious actions had found rebirth and must be quickly defeated and not allowed to stand.
The dust on the red alert phone flew as it was hastily picked up to dispatch a quick counter strike. From the foundational floor of shouel, hot ash immediately began to flow into the State of Georgia.
Yea, the Devil sent quick strike troops to Georgia steeped in the ancient art-form of illusion and imagery supporting a lofty non living golden idle worshiped and held in highest esteem. Down to Georgia went the father of lies via the express lane of the cyberspace express train lookin’ to prevent the loss of souls to fool and seal the gate of escape. Oh so serious was the sound of truth escaping the grasp of ignorance after years of being locked safely away from view. The Devil understood he was in a bind ’cause he was now way behind due to a double faux pas. The naked baby who escaped deaths reach comfortably laying on the table for all to see and the faintest sound of life threatened the powers of command and control. The discomfort was intense as the truth slipped through the fingers of death and could no longer be denied. The Devil’s grasp of authority over the tree of life and death was being questioned and worse being reclaimed by mere humans who acknowledge the a greater creator of life and truth.
The very best veteran storm troops were be summed to quickly repair the breach and seal a deal. Down to Georgia they came wrapped in illusion and armed with an ancient violin. Who would have expected from the pains of birthing babies a mother would stand in the breach. As she wrote on mere paper flames of truth leaped off the pages challenging the self appointed envious and jealous worshipers and exposing death that was hidden behind the golden Art Form idol.
Amazingly, a mother picked up a violin for the very first time. How did she master the rallying sound of truth set free as streams of fire were freed to singe and consume the fuel of the Devils empty illusions. In the Rockets red glare was reveled the image of the golden idol has always been dead and no hope for new life would be found there, but only chains and anchors attached to Gehenna.
Yes, we hold these truths to be self evident – cried out from the strings of the violin mimicking the sound of a heartbeat of a people searching to rediscover truth created in their soul while still being formed in thier mothers womb. Neither the devil, hollow self centered actors nor elected officials lusting for power are the masters of the truth or have power over the souls of a people birthed in a nation founded on freedom, liberty and life more abundant.
It’s has begun, the great awakening of who this nation was founded to be is being rediscovered and reasserted. Moms, dads, children, blacks, whites, immigrants, old, young and strangers are standing up to reclaim the founding principles and values. Article V of the Constitution the mother of the Convention of States a process designed to affirm the right and the duty of the people and the States to assert self governance and remove the chairs and anchors of those who seek to enslave and rule.
How about you? I am gonna follow mom, my long forgotten hero!

The War: Between Spirit & Flesh: Emotions & Logic: Whose Winning?

Emotions are a gift from God. When they are sufficiently intense, they take one on a trip to core of one’s soul! There the voice of emotion cries out for answers buried deep down in the pit of one’s gut! Eventually the intensity of the cry triggers and drives the mind to begin a search every cell demanding all doors be opened so answers can be found!

This is the place where the spirit of grace can lead one to look into the mirror of truth often for the first time in a very long time. Gut values can be laid out on table in plain view and examined not by just the emotions but by the logic our creator granted in the beginning. But so very often logic is subjected and confined to a prison as if it is the last place one will find hope.

When is really thirsty for an answer, they will look into this mirror of truth and then must confront the starkness of logic of truth given as a gift as a balance to emotions that simply rush to satisfy immediacy of a crises without a balancing partner with sufficient logic to address most fundamental and basic causes of the crises.

Fix a thing can not address the spiritual war raging within a humans mind!

All the laws were in place! All the responsible people were in place! The intent and emotional promise of young people by our leaders nixed any balanced encounter between emotions and logic! Every part of the national and local system with advertised good emotional intentions failed to protect the children and needs to laid bare on a table to be inspected by logic.

This is a chance to begin to teach our children how to pour out logic and not just emotions after a crises occurs? Emotions alone have the potential to make us cry and the potential to bury logic locking the door and throwing away the key to answers for broken people, broken families, and if it feels good culture that seeks to bury us and our children in a selfie world!

5000 Year Leap –> Does Anyone Know?

I am proud of this Nation! The first in history to stand up and fight for Freedoms, Liberty and the ability of it’s people to discover who God created them to be (the place happiness is found). All of this in spite of human nature’s weakness to seek self gratification above the common good! Being United always requires a fight to protect the dignity of human beings, holding the right to life sacred while holding firm to God given values and truth’s constantly under attack from the spirit who seeks to divide. Happy 4th of July! Pray with me that the founding treasures of wisdom that by God’s design were used to form this Nation and must be discovered anew by every generation so the American Dream remains alive in the hearts of we the people! God Bless America!

Advent and Brood Vipers in 2016-2017


This is Advent, a time to prepare for the coming of the light into the world. We hear from the John the Baptist to the religious of his day. You “brood of vipers” (Luke 3: 7)! Wow what a way to begin. How courageous was John willing to confront those who considered themselves the leaders of his day. Do we have any “brood of vipers” operating in our world today? Are we willing to speak the truth where people can hear?

John was preparing the way for the one who came to save us from ourselves. John was willing to risk everything including his head for the one who was willing to die for all sin!

“Sin” a political correctness taboo word in the modern world!

Do we have a brood of vipers working in our world today? Could it be even some who profess themselves as Christians? Some willing to silence the voice of anyone who proclaims a truth the world of political correctness wants to discredit!

Would our world behead John the Baptist today? Would our world seek to silence and crucify Jesus today?

The answer lies in our hearts! What truth do we accept or reject?

Come Lord Jesus! Make haste! We are in deep trouble! Open our hearts so your light of truth may be shine into our darkness, reveal the truth, loosen our stiff necks, so we each can use our spiritual eyes to see the world’s agenda for what it is. Spread your light into every hidden dark place, so the wounds inflicted on every soul may encounter the only power that can heal all wounds! Make haste to redeem and make us whole again!

Fog Flaws – the Grave – Untie Each Other!

March 17, 2013

The grave/tomb is the place sin takes us to hold us bound.  We can not escape the grave sin seeks to hold us in alone – our spiritual eyes must be opened to see the escape route out – to hear the spirit of the Lord so that we can be fully alive and rise up out of the grave.  Lent is viewed often as a time for individual preparation for Easter, rather than a time for renewal, rebirth and replenishment for the whole church community including the church.  We are a people with not only individual and but also community flaws.  Often flaws we didn’t wish for and wouldn’t wish on another.

Two sisters Mary and Martha were confronted with death of their beloved brother.  We hear they sent for Jesus saying, the one you love is ill.  Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus, so when he heard the news Lazarus was ill, he remained for two days in the place he was.

Why did he do that?  He must have known it would not make Mary and her sister Martha happy.  Jesus wanted to teach a family, a nation, his disciples, all of us and yep you too.   By waiting he created anxiousness of the heart!

Jesus knows the flaws of our humanity.  He knows that we often must experience an encounter that stretches us beyond our comfort zone.  Jesus knows how to help us overcome the blindness and stumbling blocks our humanity places in our path.  Blindness rooted in both our human nature, not attributable to consciousness of sin, and in the imposed blindness caused by self rationalization of our sin.

Rationalization is humanities way to hide from the truth that supports many layers of deeply rooted layers of fog flaws we find ourselves enveloped in.  Fog we seem unable to see through.

The Church in its wisdom gave us three scrutinizes (sounds painful doesn’t it) during lent to help us begin to penetrate the fog.  To scrutinize is to confront our human nature to choose to be blind.  Today we celebrate the third scrutiny.

Scrutiny is a search, an in depth examination and inquiry into the depths of ones soul.  To participate in true a scrutiny require the courage, to encounter the stench of death one encounters while digging up what was buried in a grave by the spirit of truth that calls us back to life.  And it is not just for the benefit of the candidates and catechumens, but for the whole family and yep you and me too.

We do these rites (scrutiny) together in the hope we will remember the stories of Jesus encounters and sharing our own stories in the light of Jesus encounters with the Samaritan woman at the well at mid day, the blind man from birth, whose blindness was not caused by sin and Lazarus.  In each story Jesus brought healing and conversion of individual people for the benefit of converting a whole people – the people of God.

Jesus waited until the time was right.  We might, remember these lessons when we become impatient and our pleas and our prayers seen unanswered.  After four days he arrived.  Take away the stone.  Martha said, Lord by now there will be a stench he has been dead for four days now.

Father I thank you for hearing me.  I know you always hear me; but because of the crowd here I have said this, that they may believe that you sent me.  He always hears hears us when we call upon His name.  But he knows how we learn and how stiff necked and hard hearted we can be!  He cried out in a loud voice, Lazarus come out!  Imagine Lazarus tied hand and foot, his face covered in a cloth bouncing awkwardly out!  He either had to roll our or hop out – no way he could have walked out.

What did Jesus say to them when Lazarus came out?  Untie him and let him go!

Jesus and the Church today are teaching us about the relationship we are called to build between the individual and the community.  Untie him and set him free – the essence of a living, breathing and believing community.

O my people, I will open your graves, tough your flesh is dead because of sin and open your Spirit to see clearly the effects of our humanity, sin and the darkness that surrounds because of the light that comes to us through the free gift of grace is always present.

Lazarus comes to us out of the darkness of the grave, tied and bound in burial rope, and blinded by a cloth covering his face.  Symbols of how our flaws hold us in bondage.  Lazarus could not untie and set himself free nor can we.  Lazarus is a story that demonstrates our faith is about living and believing not as just individuals but as a faith community.  Jesus wants us to see, it takes the faith of a family and a supporting community to fully set Lazarus free – flaws and all.  I wonder will we untie the bonds that tie our hands and feet?

That is precisely what the Gospel, lent and the OCIA journey are about.  It is not just about the individual, the candidates or the catechumens.  It is about this whole faith community coming together in one open spirit, to listen and share the story of scripture and each others story.  Listening and being open to one another in spite of ours flaws.  By melting into the one body of Christ we begin to untie the bonds that result in setting each person and the whole community free.  That is how we love oen another and set each other free!