The Garden and the Constitution

Freedom to Consent – Worship God – Balance Powers of Corruption

It’s raining – Gods way of cleaning up and quenching the thirst of the earth for new life that lie dormant in the hearts of men..
The Constitution and the Garden – what do they have in common?
Seeds of God planted hidden from the beginning, tough many deny god exists. God’s nature is three in one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have eyes but can’t see! The church is a people who were given the great gift of free will. Humans created equal yet unique and different. All living within the laws of nature with God as the highest authority and Sovereign over al

The Nature of Man: How to control the nature of man who seeks the power of God symbolized in the tree of knowledge. Ah ha – how to Balance Power of a great many people created equal and to avoid the sins of man that manifests itself in democracy – majority rule the greatest of dangers? Thug politics is a better word.

Through the ages Wisdom found to control this beast required the consent of the people created equally and by separating Powers into equal branches of people attached to the same tree. Yet recognizing there is a fourth power – the consent of a people created equally yet knowing they were susceptible from the very beginning to corruption or sin.
These the words politicians hate the most (sin and corruption)!
We live in a nation that created a system that draws a people to behave in a manner that is in the best interest of men created equal with free will that grant consent while seeking to not violate the laws of nature and God who is recognized as the highest authority and granter of equality hidden in the spirit of every human.

The Founding Principles:

The Declaration of Independence provided the guidelines for the creation of the Republic of the United States of America.
With every right comes a duty. When the laws of nature and God are violated man suffers. Thou shall not kill is still valid.
Those who deny the laws of nature and God deny the very founding of the greatest and longest living nation in the history of world. Sadly many seek to destroy the light placed upon a hill for the world to see.
This nation was born out of the fear of men at logger heads, brought to their knees in prayer beseeching the only power capable of opening the minds of men to save them from their selves.
We need to pray for our nation which at war with itself.


Lord wash the hatred from the hearts of this free people and provide the assist necessary to bring us to our knees. Save us from the lust for power that is enslaving some to belittle, beat down and silence the spirit of truth!

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