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Balance Corruption:

The Journey to Freedom – confronting Man’s Nature:

From Holy Week to Pentecost in Georgia and across the world. This is a great time to reflect upon the journey of a single man who clearly understood the difference between freedom and slavery. He knew well the nature of man to be tempted and willingly fall into the depths of corruption. He understood the stubbornness of the human heart and man’s willingness to cover, hide and protect corruption from being exposed to the light of day.

This single man knew full well the full cost of freedom and that human’s in every age and generation would be confronted and tested with this same truth . The unanswered question has from the beginning been the same. What will humans of this day do with the creative spirit within?  Will they submit to untruth, resort to lies and cover themselves with sophisticated words of deception? Who among them will have the courage to choose to expose carefully selected deceptive words that conceal and hide the corruption hidden in layers of sweet sounding lies?  A voice calls out from within – the truth will set you free!

Foundation of the American Dream:

This nation is facing the greatest crises in our history. For from within we are being challenged to define and defend the original values and principles upon which this nation was founded?  Will we allow ourselves to be deceived or will we stand tall and begin to face the truth?  So many claim to be a leader, yet so many choose to compromise the very founding principles and values that made this nation great and have turned to answers long ago rejected by our founders!

Freedom to Choose – A Path to Slavery through Corruption or Truth:

So what are we to do? Perhaps more to the point – What are you going to do? Submit and bow to the loudest voices, political correctness or muster the courage to examine the truth of who this nation was created to be in the beginning!

Are we, the modern day American, willing to embark upon the same journey our founding fathers traveled?  Will we confront the enemy that lives within? Will we have the courage to pray again as they prayed or will we resort to butting heads and submit to some form of human god?

The Cost! Are We willing to Pay?

Our history is not hidden, it is paved with blood, tears, failures and the death of so many heroes willing to pay the greatest price so that we the people, the next generation can keep alive the eternal hope of freedom, liberty and the right to discover where happiness is hidden.

Will you Put on Some Old Shoes?

Who will join me on this new journey to rediscover and recapture the spirit, vision and the light handed to this nation for all the world to see – Hope lives in the hearts of a people willing to join the one whose breath passed over a people at odds and at each others throat until they sought the spirit concealed in the Declaration of Independence?

A Convention of States is the founding process that enabled this nation to make a leap of 5000 years where the self governed people were to be served by the government and government people longed to return home to be among the people. Hummm! That man I spoke about. He was a King but didn’t act like a earthly king, he wanted to help us find the way Home and was willing to pay the full price for all.

I have put on my traveling shoes to begin the journey to recapture the spirit that birthed this nation, will you join me?

The Garden and the Constitution

Freedom to Consent – Worship God – Balance Powers of Corruption

It’s raining – Gods way of cleaning up and quenching the thirst of the earth for new life that lie dormant in the hearts of men..
The Constitution and the Garden – what do they have in common?
Seeds of God planted hidden from the beginning, tough many deny god exists. God’s nature is three in one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have eyes but can’t see! The church is a people who were given the great gift of free will. Humans created equal yet unique and different. All living within the laws of nature with God as the highest authority and Sovereign over al

The Nature of Man: How to control the nature of man who seeks the power of God symbolized in the tree of knowledge. Ah ha – how to Balance Power of a great many people created equal and to avoid the sins of man that manifests itself in democracy – majority rule the greatest of dangers? Thug politics is a better word.

Through the ages Wisdom found to control this beast required the consent of the people created equally and by separating Powers into equal branches of people attached to the same tree. Yet recognizing there is a fourth power – the consent of a people created equally yet knowing they were susceptible from the very beginning to corruption or sin.
These the words politicians hate the most (sin and corruption)!
We live in a nation that created a system that draws a people to behave in a manner that is in the best interest of men created equal with free will that grant consent while seeking to not violate the laws of nature and God who is recognized as the highest authority and granter of equality hidden in the spirit of every human.

The Founding Principles:

The Declaration of Independence provided the guidelines for the creation of the Republic of the United States of America.
With every right comes a duty. When the laws of nature and God are violated man suffers. Thou shall not kill is still valid.
Those who deny the laws of nature and God deny the very founding of the greatest and longest living nation in the history of world. Sadly many seek to destroy the light placed upon a hill for the world to see.
This nation was born out of the fear of men at logger heads, brought to their knees in prayer beseeching the only power capable of opening the minds of men to save them from their selves.
We need to pray for our nation which at war with itself.


Lord wash the hatred from the hearts of this free people and provide the assist necessary to bring us to our knees. Save us from the lust for power that is enslaving some to belittle, beat down and silence the spirit of truth!

5000 Year Leap –> Does Anyone Know?

I am proud of this Nation! The first in history to stand up and fight for Freedoms, Liberty and the ability of it’s people to discover who God created them to be (the place happiness is found). All of this in spite of human nature’s weakness to seek self gratification above the common good! Being United always requires a fight to protect the dignity of human beings, holding the right to life sacred while holding firm to God given values and truth’s constantly under attack from the spirit who seeks to divide. Happy 4th of July! Pray with me that the founding treasures of wisdom that by God’s design were used to form this Nation and must be discovered anew by every generation so the American Dream remains alive in the hearts of we the people! God Bless America!